A Deep Mess  #1
Here is a very cool idea that I have had for some time - to take the truly messy scenes and put them in one place. 
But be warned.  Along with the great coverage and fun, there's a big dose of eroticism here!
It's NOT a PG13 mess.....
Star, Annabelle Genovisi, Sarah Michelle, Summer Monroe, Candle Boxxx and Saraliz enjoy making a mess in the mud!
Sexy ladies in mud?  We have them covered!
Running Time 140 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, in what could have easily been a tribute scene to the late Rob Blaine, Star takes mud play and coverage fun for a memorable spin in the Camp MPV deep clay pit! She wastes no time getting covered with the creamy clay, and then delights us with facial plunges first, following by some nice vertical plunging. But it's the awesome mud coverage that stands out in this scene.
It's great, because Star knows what to do when it's time to get messy!!
Then, we up the ante with a visually improved MPVBleck pit and Annabelle, a sinking firecracker if there ever was one! She toys with the pit for a while, and then slides into its wet and grippy depths. Words cannot adequately describe everything she does, but the word amazing comes to mind. Annabelle is special, and so is this goop she plays in. Check out the trailer for this and see for yourself. It's a sinking and stuck and gunge and coverage and struggling orgasm!
Then, Sarah Michelle just can't stay out of the mud, this time by herself! She happens upon an all-too-convenient clay pit in the woods and promptly sticks her bare feet in. And that's all it takes for her to lose control and bath in the sensual luxury of the creamy ooze. There's little doubt that Sarah takes sexual gratification from this, especially after she dips her head in the clay and enjoys total coverage along with the mess! Join in the fun!!
Next, it's Annabelle again, as you just can't go wrong with the mud tub if you have the right gal, and she is one of those ladies who just enjoys the crap out of this sort of thing! Just tell her when she can start, and she'll walk right up and get filthy and muddy and dirty and well, you get the idea. And she look absolutely beautiful while doing it. From completely clean to completely covered, Annabelle owns this. And you should own Annabelle!
Also, Summer finally meets her match with the Deep MPVBleck when it thickens enough for her to try to jump rope on the surface. But she doesn't stay on the surface very long! Down she goes, again and again. But, as she is playing, the bleck gets even thicker, and less sticky - and finally, she is able to jump rope, but not for long. In fact, she ends up going down knees first. Tricky!
This scene probably contains the most 'Stuck' action of any of the Deep MPVBleck segments that we shot in 2015.  A real treat for the stuck and struggling fans. Some tasty angles on Summer's delicious body as well....
Lastly, Candle leads Saraliz to a clay pit for some sexy fun - never mind that they are wearing some nice looking cocktail dresses. And the dresses are part of the fun, as they use them to get messy! After some nice plunging and dunking action, the two beauties pay some very friendly attention to each other.... Very nice slippery fun in the great outdoors!!

A Deep Mess #1  DVD-R


A Deep Mess #1  DVD-R Download
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