A Deep Mess  #2
Here's a nice variety pack of messy goodness, served up by very talented and super sexy ladies.
A very worthy follow-up to our first Deep Mess DVD!
But again, a lot of these scenes are erotic. So be ready to enjoy peeking in on some serious arousal!...
Sarah Michelle, Candle Boxxx, Kendra James, Ludella Hahn and Summer Monroe enjoy keeping the messy times rolling!
Running Time 100 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Sarah Michelle has been stood up in the woods by her boyfriend, who told her to wear her special dress. Well, Sarah won't stand for this sort of thing, and finds a convenient clay pit to trash the dress in. But, the clay is deeper and stickier than she imagined, and this leads to a lot of struggling while she also gets the dress covered with clay. A sexy woman struggling in mud is always nice, but it's even better when she realizes just how good that feels, especially with the heavy fabric of the long dress 'rubbing' on her.
This is a nice look at Sarah and her range as a woman who like to get messy - and make a show of it! insy!!
Then,  in a fun and sexy follow-up to Candle's stuck scene, we decided to change the consistency of the MPVBleck for the next scene and pressed Candle into service to mix it for us. Turned out to be a good idea, as Candle promptly treated us to sexy show, featuring more stuck moments as well as delicious views of her naked body, coated with various thicknesses of bleck! Candle is a one-of-a-kind personality and a gifted exhibitionist performer. Don't pass up on this chance to see fifteen candid minutes of her in action!
Then,  it's Sarah's turn to put the mud bubbles where she wants them, and has a roaring good time at it! She was to wait a moment for the bubbles to appear. But when they do, she jumps right in and 'rides the bubble shaft'. It's fun to watch her dress get blown up with air, because you know that it tickled Sarah's fancy on the way there. True to her fun loving form, Sarah makes the best of her chance to enjoy this unique experience, and takes us along on the sexy ride!
Next,  Some gals are just meant to have fun together, and what a pleasant surprise to see that Kendra James and Sarah Michelle have that connection - in the mud no less! In a very spontaneous way, these two babes put on quite a show here, and truly enjoy it. And their pleasure is out entertainment, as their hands and tongues as well as the clay, all find themselves everywhere on their luscious bodies. Some nice full coverage action towards the end caps this wonderful scene!
Also, we get our first look at Ludella Hahn experiencing deep MPVBleck. This particular scene was shot late in the day, following a thunderstorm (it was still raining lightly). We almost didn't get this squeezed in before it got too dark, but we're really glad we did, because not only did Ludella show her undeniable skill as a messy performer, she surprised us with a really nice vertical submersion, surfacing with a curtain of bleck surrounding her, and emerging completely coated with the dark goo! Meanwhile, she teased the camera throughout the scene, and backed it up with some very tasty sinking and struggling. This is a great look at Ludella and a great look at how beautifully messy MPVBleck can be. A definite win win!!
Lastly Summer Monroe loves mud. Hmmm. Yea, really, she does. Summer loves being in the mud. So getting her in the clay with bubbles is a real treat - for her and for us. And once the plunges start, they don't really stop until the bubbles do. She does it naked of course. And Summer does this all without being told what to do. Summer in mud and enjoying it. The easiest thing to direct, ever.

A Deep Mess #2  DVD-R


A Deep Mess #2  DVD-R Download
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