A Deep Mess  #3
Gooey, deep, sticky and/or slippery, it's always sexy and definitely messy!  MPV shows how everything tastes better in the great outdoors - and does it in style, with Annabelle Genovisi, Saraliz, Nikko Jordan, Star, May and Ludella Hahn, who all love to get covered.
Settle into another great Deep Mess video. It's satisfying!
Running Time 107 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, it's the return of Bubbling Mud for MPV, and Annabelle is perfect for giving it the first try! She couldn't wait to see what it was like and charged right in, finding just where to place her sexy body in the clay. She and Sarah Michelle later described the sensation as 'The Bubble Shaft'. Who are we to argue? We got just what we wanted from this effort - a very arousing and stimulating piece of video (and some nice photos as well). The first bubbling mud we did back in 2000 will always be memorable, but Annabelle shows that the best is yet to come. Yum Yum! Yum!!
Then, Saraliz ends up looking simply amazing, coated head to toe with oozing MPVBleck! This is one of our first dedicated Messy scenes, but stuck and struggling fans will also enjoy it. And that's because Saraliz is no stranger to pushing buttons when she can. But it's messy first and foremost, and she makes the best of this unique opportunity to coat her lanky body with runny, goopy, sticky, wonderful MPVBleck! Just look at the mess. It's hot!
Sometimes, a Wet and Messy (or is it bondage?) element comes along by surprise, and really entertains. But, we'll get to that. Because before that moment arrives, Nikko heats up the clay pit at dusk with a sultry display of sexy mud coverage. It starts slowly. But after a short while, it escalates sharply with a very nice series of head dunks. Nikko comes up plastered and a little out of sorts sometimes. But then it's all smiles and eagerness to do it again. And again. And again! And that moment? Well, that happens when she tries to get out! Somehow, her soft body got glued to the surface of the clay, and it turned into a rather interesting 'stuck' moment. But don't worry. Nobody helped her. ;-) Nikko caps the scene off with some nice clay removal at the edge of the pit.
A coverage fest with some stuck action. Fun times!
Next, Star makes history as she submerges in MPVBleck and surfaces unassisted for the cameras. And what a sight it is! The bleck hangs on her and coats her with stringy and wavy goo.... This is a long look at a determined and sexy woman. Enjoy some of our longest camera takes ever as Star sums up the challenge and then goes for it - twice! There's not much 'sinking' in this. But if you like edgy and complete mess on a beautiful gal, this is for you!
Also, what do you do when you're making MPVBleck, and the hole is too big, and now it's the second day and you still only have a pit of goopy Mess? But what if May is there, looking very tasty in pale blue cutoffs and a cropped shirt? You send her in there and film it! And yea. Yea. Yea. May is a pro, with a stunning body that just needs to be squeezed and hugged and jumped when wet and messy. Sit back and enjoy this. If you are not already a May fan, prepare to become one.
Lastly, Star and Ludella revive the Feet First theme in a fun and invigorating way by injecting messy energy and a lot of face dunking in the mix! They start by using their feet to rub mud on each other. But that's not fast enough, so they switch to dumping loads of clay on each other's heads and then take to pushing each other's faces in the goo. But in-between all that action, plenty of attention is played to their feet - especially Star playing with Ludella's feet and tickling them. The scene ends with the two of them reclined and rubbing their muddy feet together. Yummy!

A Deep Mess #3  DVD-R


A Deep Mess #3  DVD-R Download
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