A Deep Mess  #4
It's time for more satisfying outdoor messiness!  MPV knows how to do messy, and we get the right gals for the job:
Rockell Starbux, Little Mina, Nikko Jordan, Kendra James and Summer Monroe.  All of them end up covered head to toe,
and ready for whatever may come next....
Running Time 106 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, what happens when a quicksand video expert directs a Messy scene? Well, if it's shot in the big clay pit Camp MPV, it's gonna be messy. And in this case, nicely different as well. Here, we see Rockell the way she is meant to be seen, up front and personal. She gets covered like a champ - slowly and deliberately. This scene is punctuated by nice views of Rockell's forward charm, as well as some nice dunking and wallowing action. Slip in with her!
Then, Little Mina continues our 'messy trials' in MPVBleck in a very sexy and alluring way, as she slowly gets covered head to toes in the sticky and yet runny goo! Mina has a delicious Asian form that just gets more and more desirable as it shines with the gooey bleck. It's not hard to imagine getting stuck to her, as a good time would be sure to follow. The sexiness increases as the scene progresses, culminating in bog blobs of MPVBleck melting over her head and running down her compact body. Delicious!
And, if you want something different and yet very sexy at the same time, call on Nikko. She has a different slant on things sexual, and it's always interesting to see how she will react to something new. In this case, she seemed entranced by the bubbling clay slopping up in her face. The cameras enjoyed it too - starting with how her ample tits became splattered first! There's not a lot of physical movement in this scene, but there is a lot of 'action' all the same. The return of the mud bubbles was a good move. This scene says it all.  :-)
Then, sometimes, working into the night can pay messy and sexy dividends. In this case, stormy weather pushed back our schedule, and Kendra and Mina were game to check out the mud tub under the stars on a warm and humid night. Well, they just made it that much more humid with their messy and sexual antics! After pouring buckets of liquid clay on each other, they kissed and started taking turns pleasing each other with their mucky hands. Then, there is more kissing and more pleasing.... You get the idea.
Also, it's not hard at all to get Summer in the mud - especially when it's creamy clay, and she knows it's going to go everywhere on her delicious body! Even when she knows it's a glamour thing, she loses herself in the yummy sensation of the clay on her body, covering her face, and clogging her hair. Summer knows the cameras are there. But she is 'in it' for herself. The cameras are there for us. And why not? Summer is in a class by herself. An incredible gal with an awesome body that craves mud!
Lastly, when we got our big clay pit bubbling, it was only a matter of time before we got three beauties in there at the same time. It happened to be Kendra, Summer and Little Mina - a truly sexy and talented line-up! Summer was the most aggressive physically, and it became obvious that both she and Kendra enjoyed controlling Mina in the creamy goodness. Before long, Summer indulged in one of her favorite 'deep' pastimes by plunging her body into the clay as far as it would go. Mina and Kendra were not as confident about being able to do it. But after a little practice, they were dunking deep as well! And of course, this provided shot after shot of creamy total coverage goodness. This is one messy threesome you don't want to miss!!

A Deep Mess #4  DVD-R


A Deep Mess #4  DVD-R Download
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