A Deep Mess  #5
These Messy DVDs just keep getting better and better. It's impossible to resist watching:
Sarah Michelle, Annabelle Genovisi, Ludella Hahn, Summer Monroe, Star Nine and Stormy Rose
It's one long and delicious scene after another!
Running Time 160 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Princess Sarah has Annabelle's hands tied behind her back, and is ready to (literally) push her around in the mud. Ever thought about 'having you way' with a hot babe like Annabelle? Sarah has. And she doesn't waste the opportunity. She forces Annabelle's nude body into the deep clay and then dunks her face in, again and again and again! Not satisfied, Sarah gets Annabelle on her back, where she playfully chokes her and rubs her into submission. Then the bubbles start, and she humps her while the bubbles shake her booty into orgasmic thunder! She then drags her submissive out of the clay and cleans her off. Oh, the sexy thrill of it all!!
Then, Ludella knocks us out of the park as she wears herself out in deep and clinging MPVBleck! There's plenty of tease built into her performance (she is a burlesque queen after all), but it flows smoothly into some incredible payoffs, including messy and sinky and stuck moments. This luxurious look at Ludella captures her scrumptious form and her playful attitude. Towards the end, she lingers neck deep, waiting for just the right moment to go under the swirling and grabbing bleck. Hang on for a nice long adventure with Ludella!
And, it's never a bad time to invite Summer to get muddy. So when bad weather pushed us into shooting in the evening, we thought a great way to end the day would be to let natural forces direct the scene. And believe it - Summer takes to clay *very* naturally. She loses herself in it wherever we get her in it. In this case, her world shrank down to that bathtub and the creamy clay contained therein. She covers herself and then pleases herself, while covering herself further. It's ok that she forgot about us. We'll be happy never forgetting her doing her thing in the mud!
Then, how do you describe this? It's Star, playing for over 45 minutes in a brand new batch of MPVBleck, getting messy, and submerging five times. But this is Star, so it's really much more than that. She sublimely takes us along for the ride with her subtle but engaging form of exhibitionism. She gets her grip on the viewer much the same way that the bleck gets a grip on her. It's smooth, but grips like crazy if you try to pull away. The action is messy and playful. But the result is very sexual. Want to get away for nice spell? Fill your favorite beverage and make yourself comfortable. Let star and the bleck do the rest.
Also, sometimes all you have to do is tell a certain kind of gal that she gets to play in the mud, and you have a winner. This is one of those times. Because, Stormy is one of those gals. She loves to play in the mud. And she *really* enjoys warm, slippery clay. She keeps her clothes on long enough to get them messy. But they end up in the way. There's no denying the look of muddy pleasure on Stormy's face. It's as real as it gets! Take the plunge with her. Try to keep up...
Lastly, when we got the idea to dress Summer up like Aphrodite, get her soaking wet and then send her into the mud, it was inevitable that we do the same with her in the deep, brown MPVBleck. And what I sight it became! Summer looks absolutely fetching in a sheer blue dress that clings to her like tissue. And then she slips into the sticky and grabby bleck. And the she wears it out. And we mean really wears it out! For a half hour, Summer loses herself in the goop, submerging every which way, and making a glorious mess of her beautiful face and body. She manages to get up on the ledge long enough to discard the dress. And that just leads to more dunking and coverage. She caps off her adventure with several naked steps into the gooey mass. Bravo!!

A Deep Mess #5  DVD-R


A Deep Mess #5  DVD-R Download
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