A Deep Mess  #6
Here's a disk that is pretty much a potpourri of attractive muddy ladies:
Kendra James, Sativa, Star Nine, Alexia Ryan, Rockell Starbux, Candle Boxxx, Little Mina and Summer Monroe
It's a potent mixture of muddy women. Enjoy the ride!
Running Time 123 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Kendra arrives at the bubbling mud pit, having heard about it from some friends. She's dubious about it - especially since there are no bubbles. But as if on queue, the clay starts burping and slurping, inviting Kendra to slip in. She does just that. And it doesn't take long for this shapely, red haired beauty to discover what the fuss is about. The bubbles work on her body and the look of pleasure washes over Kendra's face. But the mud is just getting started. As if prodded by Kendra's excitement, the bubbles grow in intensity, becoming small eruptions of liquid clay between her legs! Does Kendra keep herself on that sweet spot? You bet!
Then, Sativa is on a mission to get messy, and she finds the perfect spot! Dressed in denim shorts and a shiny green top, she slips into a deep clay pit and sinks up to her chest in smooth and creamy ooze. From there, she proceeds to enjoy the feel of the clay on more and more of her body as her clothing comes off, piece by piece. She also lets her hair down and her messy urge builds to the point that she does several submarine moves in the goop! She is breathless throughout her encounter and will leave her fans feeling the same. You gotta love Sativa in her element!
And, Star takes Alexia for her first mud bath, but finds out in the middle of it that Alexia is attracted to Star - in or out of the clay. But the clay seems as good as any place to make a move, especially when all the clothes have come off! Towards the end, they dunk each other in the mud and then enjoy some scissoring. This is a nice long scene shot in a peaceful setting. The ladies are attractive, and the clay deep and smooth. A great way to watch a couple ladies enjoying themselves, and each other.
Then, Rockell really enjoys being looked at. So when she says that she wants to show us something, she really means it. But just what is it? Her voluptuous body? How muddy she can get? How heated up it all makes her? Well, you decide. Because there's plenty to enjoy here. Rockell gets slippery in the clay, and quite aroused. But as things progress, it's pretty obvious that it takes her a while to get 'comfortable'. But she does, and in her own style. Have a look!
Also, ready for an incredible messy experience? Get ready for Candle, because nobody gets messy quite the way she does. Her personality somehow makes it through the mess, no matter how thick it gets! We don't normally shoot WAM material, but when we saw how awesome MPVBleck looks when it covers a model, we just had to explore it. And Candle was there to make it even more exceptional that it would have been otherwise. Just have a look at the preview. It's just a taste of the yummy action you will enjoy. Just awesome!
Lastly, Summer has been looking forward to a mud massage and is put at ease by a cute Vietnamese gal with great hands. But Summer definitely doesn't want mud in her hair. So when she just can't get past the sensation that her hair is filling with mud, she turn on her therapist and a tremendous mud fight ensues. But what happened to the strong Asian accent? Turns out, it's not just the massage therapist hands that do the slipping. A very messy and entertaining scene, filled with creamy clay, hot women and genuinely good humor!

A Deep Mess #6  DVD-R


A Deep Mess #6  DVD-R Download
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