A Deep Mess  #7
Here's a great chance to lasso a batch of high quality mud scenes and get familiar with some lovely ladies in the process!  Here are:
Ludella Hahn, Brittany Shae, Nyssa Nevers, Anabelle Pync, Summer Monroe and Little Mina doing their thing in the ooze!
Running Time 129 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Ludella brings her teasing A Game and her smokin' good looks to the clay pit at night - and makes the most of it all. She purrs at anyone watching, daring them to look away as she slips deeper and deeper into the creamy goodness, her tight, white cocktail dress soaking up the ooze and clinging to her voluptuous form. She climbs out, shows just what the mud has done, and then plunges back in, deeper, for even more coverage! She gets her legs and feet out of the clay for a moment and teases up with her muddy feet as well. Then it's a slow sexy climb back out of the mud, where Ludella shows us yet again how a tight muddy dress can hug a burlesque queen just right!
Then, Brittany has her first encounter with MPVBleck in The Box. And while it may not be super deep, bleck has a way of grabbing even more, as her feet and hands and butt become glued to the bottom. This is a long scene that pays dividends with great shots of bleck cascading over Brittany's curvy body and coating her long bleck hair. There is also plenty of genuine struggling against the grip of the MPVBleck. If you haven't experienced Brittany getting messy, this is a great chance to see a naturally sexy gal get even sexier as she gets messy and starts describing how good it all feels. Have a look at this scene. It's a good deal of time, well spent!
And, we always wanted to try a slide that ended in clay, and so we finally set one up. It wasn't the greatest thing in the world - but then we had Nyssa and Anabelle trying it (and getting very muddy), so does that matter? Probably not so much. And that's because they ended up having a blast with each other in the creamy clay, and we get to watch all of that! Folks who like a nice progression of mess and arousal will enjoy this scene. And both of these ladies are endowed with a zest for life, as they say, and much more. So it's really nice that their adventure in messiness and sexiness is well paced over an entertaining twenty minute stretch. But you don't have to consume this all at once. There's plenty left for seconds or thirds. At least that's what they did!!
Also, you wanna find out if your latest batch of MPVBleck is going to challenge the models?  Find Summer, a triathlete, and tell her to give herself a workout in the bleck. Then, enjoy the show! Summer loves sinking, and she loves to be enveloped, and she loves the feel of mess on her body. So, it's fun all around - but especially for the cameras. This sinking, struggling and stuckfest was shot nicely in afternoon light. Summer looks fantastic with her strong legs flexing with the effort to escape the gripping goo. In fact, there's a nice butt-first moment as well.
It's just gosh darn good, strong and sexy messy fun! .
Then, as you might have already guessed, we decided to try the 'Sinking About You' idea as a form of Messy tease. And Anabelle was more than ready to turn up the verbal heat as she gets messy (and more) for the cameras. It's obviously by now that Anabelle likes her men aroused. So she uses the slippery clay, and her body, and her choice of words to great effect. How long will you last? Up until she slips into the goo perhaps. Or when she lathers her long hair with mud. Or maybe when her feet are held up for you like mucky fruit? Or perhaps you will hold out for when she rubs and smacks herself silly - twice! So maybe the reality is that you'll have to watch this several times. Too bad....
Lastly,  Mina is out to enjoy a quiet mud bath in the woods when she slips and falls head first in the pit! The creamy clay answers her by blowing bubbles right in her face. And this is all fine with Mina, because instead of complaining, she gathers herself and allows the bubbles to arouse her delicious body! Her bikini bottoms come off first. Then later, her top. We'll never get tired of the sound of Mina's voice when she's having sex. Actually, it's hard to take your eyes off as well. This truly is what they refer to as Messy Fun....Asian style.

A Deep Mess #7  DVD-R


A Deep Mess #7  DVD-R Download
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