A Deep Mess  #8
Do you want wall to wall mess, and variety to boot?  This DVD will definitely satisfy!! 
Here is:
Ludella Hahn, Anabelle Pync, Little Mina, Nyssa Nevers and Star Nine.
What a mix - and what a sexy mess!
Running Time 141 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, in a rare turn to the erotic for Ludella, she gives us a taste of the arousal potential inside her incredibly eye-catching form. The setting is ideal for this; a secluded spot in the woods, late afternoon sunlight, and creamy, bubbling clay. And Ludella is as hot as ever, sporting a tiny metalic looking bikini. She slips into the clay, letting the bubbles 'splash' onto her chest, and removing the bikini top at just the right moment. She lets the excitement build until the satisfaction is obvious.
She then caps off her pleasure with some very pleasing total coverage before climbing out for some parting shots of her slippery body. Very yummy and filling!
Then, Anabelle gets stuck. Anabelle Struggles. Anabelle gets Messy. Well, that's the short version. If you watch this scene from start to finish, you won't know where to start describing it. But once you start, it's hard to finish. Heck, if you're reading this, have a look at the preview. And remember that it's just a thin slice of the fun in this scene.
And, oh yea. Anabelle is beautiful. And Stuck. And Messy. Etc.
And, Mina had a surprise in store for us while getting deliciously messy in deep and gooey MPVBleck - she went under! And, this really was a surprise, because after a couple seasons of opting out, she suddenly got the nerve to do it. But that's not the only treat this enticing scene offers. Mina gets stuck as well. A couple of candid moments were left in the edit to show how seriously she was rooted in the bleck. Surprisingly, it's the shallow stuff that really grabs - and Mina found out. Along the way though, she dishes up some very tasty shots of the bleck cascading down her hair and body. Very good scene!
Also, as part of our brief foray in the 'Messing About You' theme, Nyssa turns in a real gem by talking us through a messy clay encounter - and making us wish we were there to help! Looking totally fetching in a pair of jean cutoff shorts and bikini top, Nyssa's beautifully toned skin contrasts well with the light-colored pottery clay as it coats her luscious body. After purring about how it feels on her, she then rubs one out on the edge of the mud patch. Her obvious pleasure seems to take her by surprise as she orgasms in front of the cameras rather suddenly. Totally smeared in slippery clay, Nyssa ends the fantasy by relaxing in the goo, inviting us to join her once and for all.
Then, Star does everything very well. So much so, that we tend to push her into more and more complex themes. But what about the basics - such as getting totally messy in creamy clay? As usual, Star excels. She absolutely rocks a pair of tight fitting shiny black pants. But first, she trashes a pair of red heels, before sinking deep into the thick mud. She climbs out, wipes the mud from the pants and removes her top. Then, it's back into the clay for some total coverage. But that's not all. She climbs out again, giving us a last look at the pants. Then she slides back into the clay naked. You know she is enjoying it as she dunks under again, coming up completely covered with creamy, slippery goodness. Have a seat and enjoy the show!
Lastly, in the spirit of Rob Blaine's approach to messy clay scenes, Anabelle gets dressed up and (slowly) messed up for the cameras. She looks positively stunning in a 'pretty' white dress and high wedge style heels. Plenty of attention is given to trashing the shoes, and then the dress, in the thick, clinging clay. There are nice shots of her shapely legs in the air and her hands running down them. Once the dress is coated with mud, Anabelle slips out of it and proceeds to mess up her curvy body - and deliciously covering her face. She caps off this long scene with some bold dunking moves that you don't want to miss. This is a great WAM clay scene featuring a tremendously attractive lady. It's a video that you will visit many times....

A Deep Mess #8  DVD-R


A Deep Mess #8  DVD-R Download
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