A Deep Mess  #9
Day or Night. Over here or over there. Blonde or brunette. Clothed or not. You choose. It's all here! 
Pick from:
Anabelle Pync, Sam, Nina, Summer Monroe, Ashley Lane, Brittany Shae and Sadie Holmes.
What a selection - and what a beautiful mess!
Running Time 126 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD Download
First, Anabelle Pync makes her MPV mud debut in an explosive way, as she discovers the sexual joy of bubbling clay in the great outdoors! She seems overwhelmed at first, and is actually hesitant to encounter the bubbles directly. But once she does, she didn't want to stop. Anabelle is a very sexual gal by nature, and can orgasm easily. So the mud lapping against her young body was more than enough to send her over the moon - many times. In fact, it had her doing a mucky backflip by the end of it! This is fun hard-on material too good to pass up....
Then, Nina and her younger sister Sam, take the 'Push Me!" theme in a fun and sexy direction, as they shorten the pushing in favor of general muckiness and wallowing in the mushy peat bog. They look fantastic in tight dresses, heels and nylons. But these items fall the the wayside but by bit. However, a good portion of the scene will please messy pantyhose fans, as the play topless before removing them. All in all, this is a nice scene, with lots of leggy action and topless mayhem! Check it out - there's nothing like sisters sinking in muck!
And, we always want Summer to be able to Do Her Thing, so after we got the footage we wanted with bubbles splashing (cumming) on her face - and in her mouth, we let her lose herself in the deep, smooth clay. And this time, she decided to explore the sensation of sinking upside down - Head First, as they say. She started out small, but eventually, Summer was straight up and down in the mud, her legs slowly scissoring in the warm afternoon air. To say that this scene is loaded with dunking and surfacing action would be an understatement. But really, all you need to know is; Summer, dress, clay, bubbles, head first, fun ....
Also, it seems like we had the right ladies on hand to try the Messing About You idea, because Ashley takes to it like syrup on pancakes! She truly enjoys the feel of clay on her body and clothes. So, it doesn't take long for everything to get covered. But once she gets that all-over sensation - especially naked, it's pretty much impossible to find a place to switch everything off. Even after saying goodbye to exhausted cameras, she plunges her face into the clay yet again. Some women like to Kiss and Come. For Ashley in creamy clay, it's more like Dunk and Come. Do you care to try and watch the whole thing? Or maybe just pick a couple minutes. Any couple minutes. Ashley makes them all worthwhile.....
Then, this isn't exactly rocket science. But some of the best things in life are basic - such as a playful (and hot) gal getting messy in creamy clay! In a scene right out of the Messy Fun playbook, Brittany wears heels and a cocktail dress for the occasion and makes sure that we are watching as she gets everything coated with slippery goo. She has a good time slopping her dress around before climbing out and letting it slide off of her curvy body. Then, it back into the mud, where she makes sure *everything* is covered, from head to toe. It's hard not to enjoy Brittany. She truly loses herself in this scene (we let that happen when we can). So, if you're into a messy scene that is a naturally good time, fix your gaze on Brittany. You won't be disappointed!
Lastly, "Let's Get Dirty!" Isn't that what it is all about? But not just dirty. Muddy. Very muddy! Real women getting really muddy and very horny.... As it happens, this is the last mud scene we shot (actually, the last scene ever). We did not know that at the time though. What we did know is that Summer and Sadie had a great time, and that it was fitting end to a great shoot. This is the kind of scene that describes itself. It's sexy. It's muddy. And it is punctuated by a dual dunk at the end that was every bit as spontaneous as the rest of the fun, slippery action.
A very fitting bookend to a remarkable collection of muddy madness!

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