A Deep Mess  #10
Well, this turned out to be a Summer Festival. I mean a festival of Summer. Ok, there's a lot of Summer here!  But that's not all...
Here is:
Summer Monroe, Sam, Star, Rockell Starbux, Stormy Rose, Sativa and Jane.
It's a variety of Deep Mess - AND a lot of Summer!
Running Time 116 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Summer has a spectacular body. So much so that a special sheer dress was ordered just for her. The idea was to get her soaking wet, and then have her visit the mud tub with the long gown sticking to her wet body. We were not disappointed with the result - and neither were the cameras! We actually filmed this before doing the same in thing with her in the MPVBleck. Summer loves to get messy. And it's always fun to watch her lose herself in the sensation of smooth mess covering her awesome form. The pleasure is genuine, for everyone!
Then, Sam (sister of Nina) was going to try the MPVBleck in the Philippines, and she really gave it a try. She probably danced around on it more than some of the other girls, but when she got down to sinking, she got stuck fast, and it took all of her youthful strength to break the grip of the goo. She let her legs feel the grip of the bleck a couple times before sinking even deeper and removing her top. Sam is well endowed, but kind of shy at the same time, so it was a game of pee-a-boob for a while. But she did enjoy posing with her breasts barely covered.
And there were some playful moments as me worked her way out for the last time. All in all, a very fun and entertaining MPVBleck moment from Sam!
And, we asked Summer and Star if they would like to finish a three day shoot as solos, or together. We were very pleased when they decided to do it together, and even more pleased when they let themselves go, enjoying the sensation of bodies rubbing together in addition to the sensation of the bubbles! The scene starts out more messy than anything else. The bubbles were moderate, and Star and Summer were entertained by the clay splashing up on them. But before too long, the clothes came off and the heat increased along with the intensity of the bubbles.
From there, it was just a matter of finding the best way to share the sensations. This is what friends are for!.
Also, Stormy, Sativa and Rockell are back in their favorite play spot, and they waste no time getting muddy and sexy! They slip into the clay one by one - and out of their clothes much the same way. Then, they take turns dunking each other into the creamy goodness! And do you think muddy mouths will keep them from kissing? Not a chance. But kissing (and motor boating) is just for fun. What they really enjoy is feeling each others hands rubbing them in the mud. A face full of mud and a crotch full of muddy helping hands is what the ladies want!
Have a look. This scene was shot with the interested viewer in mind. !
Then, are you ready for some never seen before (and very sexy) Jane action? Pulled from the Muddy Pinays editing queue, this remarkable footage is surprisingly satisfying. Jane looks stunning in a tight orange cocktail dress, complete with stockings and boots. She wastes no time heating up the atmosphere with some tantalizing eye contact and very 'local' lingo. The best parts of the scene is when she humps the thick peat, creating wonderful pockets of lush delight for the cameras. She also climbs out several times, treating us to several nice plunges at the end, capping it off with a nice submersion. If you're a Jane fan, this is an instant buy. It should appeal to a lot of other sinking fans as well. Good stuff!!
Lastly, we have enjoyed hearing the gals conjure up things to do at Camp MPV. So when Summer suggested twerking in the bubbling mud, we had no problem adding it to the mix. And in this case, what sounded good, looked absolutely incredible! Summer is very fit (she's a triathlete). But could she really shake it? You bet. In fact, she even shook her bottoms off! Aside from bouncing her butt in the clay, Summer did enjoy getting messy in the creamy shower of goodness coming from the bursting bubbles. In fact, she once again loses herself in the sensation of wallowing in the smooth, deep mud. Check out the smile on her face. Let it put a smile on yours!

A Deep Mess #10  DVD-R


A Deep Mess #10  DVD-R Download
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