Aroused in Mud!
Ready for another entire series of Erotic Mud DVDs?
Aroused in Mud is your ticket for that kind of ride.  It offers a continuing variety of hot women and sexy mud action!
Stormy Rose, Sativa, Summer Day, Natalia Chaplin, Candle Boxxx and Star are here to be aroused with you.
Check them out in this awesome DVD!
Running Time 123 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Stormy ties up Sativa and dunks her repeatedly in deep quicksilt. Sounds basic right?
Actually, this scene, as difficult as it was to film, is smoking hot! It's the definitive scene that we shot that day and definitely worth a look. or two. or three....
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Next,  Summer happens upon a substantial bog while walking in the wilderness and decides that it's a challenge she can't pass up.
After sampling the ooze, she decides to take her top off and check it out further. But she didn't count on just how deep she would go, until it's too late....!
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Then, Natalia finds her assigned mud location in the woods and immediately realizes it's a brand new clay pit - which needs a little TLC.
In the process of tidying things, she dips her privates in the creamy clay. That's where things take a turn to the erotic, as Natalia rubs out several shuddering orgasms.
This may sound like just another mud rubbing scene, but Natalia really gets into this, and turns in a remarkable arousal event that shouldn't be passed up. Seriously!
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Then, Candle pulls a MPV first by combining Masturbation Instruction and the Sinking About You theme. That's the short version. I could go on and on about how HOT this scene is,
but you'll see that words cannot adequately describe the erotic feel that Candle puts on this. She continues to impress with her range and creativity.
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Next, Star invites us to check out a newly discovered pit of creamy clay in the woods. She's dressed in a fetching bra and panty ensemble, so why not?
She treats the camera to quite a show; getting covered in liquid clay and then masturbating herself to orgasm. But she's not done at that point. Star then gets on her hands and knees
 and rubs out another one - and then does a header in the clay for good measure. Big time goodies in here!
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Then, Stormy (in a sheer body suit) and Sativa (in a fishnet dress) happen upon a delicious, secluded clay pit for some sexy time.
They enjoy kissing each other and experiment with different ways to hump each other in the shallow end of the pit. These gals enjoying playing with each other,
whether anyone is watching, or not!  Stormy and Sativa remove what's left of their clothing and continue their sexual shenanigans.
After several more mutual orgasms, the 'go deep' and disappear under the surface of the clay - only to re-appear and wipe the clay off of each other while standing in the shallow part.
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Lastly, Natalia and Summer visit a remote bathtub for some lovin' in clay. They start by painting each other with the brown goo. But before long, they climb into the tub
 and really start to enjoy themselves. There are some nice shots from above as they slide their muddy bodies on each other and enjoy some sloppy girl/girl sex.
This was the first scene we shot in the tub. It inspired more scenes. Check it out and see why!

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