Aroused in Mud #2
Ready for another entry in this newest series of Erotic Mud DVDs?
Aroused in Mud #2 is here!  It continues the high octane excitement ushered in by the original.
Odette Delacroix, Stormy Rose, Candle Boxxx, Star and Annabelle Genovisi are here to be aroused with you.
Check them out in this awesome DVD!
Running Time 100 minutes     Available on DVD-R, as well as DVD-R Download
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First, Odette makes her MPV erotic debut in style as she talks the camera through a nice mud masturbation session. She there to enjoy herself and takes us along for the ride. This does not feature the usual vertical sinking, but Odette treats us to a nice dunking in the creamy clay - right in front of the camera. A very sensual offering, shot deep in the woods. Yum!
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Next,  Stormy continues to impress as she welcomes us into her private world of masturbating in thick clay! And seriously, it's as fun as it sounds. Once she gets going, it's hard to know just what to focus on. Is it her creamy pie? Or her mucky breasts swinging above? Or even her sultry voice? Better set aside time for all of it, because Stormy is so bad that she's really quite good!
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Then, Candle melts the cameras and half of Camp MPV as she lights up the mud tub with her incredible physique and sexual energy! This scene stands out not just for those reasons, but also because Candle gets herself completely covered *before* satisfying her craving for mucky masturbation. All of this action was captured in style by three AVCHD cameras. Very satisfying!
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Then, Stormy and Odette decide to mix making out and sinking nude in a bog. They probably would have been happy just doing one or the other, but doing both has some dire consequences.
But, they sure look good in the process!
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Next, Jessica takes the Mud Addiction theme is a fun and sexy direction when she revels in the fun feeling of getting filthy, and then succumbs to the sexy side as well. Shot in the late afternoon, this scene has a nice, intimate feel that will appeal to Jessica fans.
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Then, Candle, Star and Annabelle pined for two days to be allowed to molest each other in the big clay pit, so we felt like we just had to put bikinis on them and give them their chance. And this is the result. Over a half hour of girl fun in the deep and creamy mud! In this first part, they lose their bikinis along with whatever inhibitions they may have had. It's a lot of sinking and groping and kissing that culminates in Star getting dunked!  The groping and dunking continues and Candle and then Annabelle have their faces shoved under the surface of the liquid clay. All three gals then enjoy each other's clay coated bodies. There's some nice foot play, and some unseen but surprisingly frank hanky panky as well. The last part of the scene features some very nice shots of the ladies wiping the clay off of each other. Super yummy!

Aroused in Mud #2  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #2  DVD-R Download
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