Aroused in Mud #3
It's here - Aroused in Mud Number #3.  These DVDs just keep getting better!
Candle Boxxx, Odette Delacroix, Summer Day, Kymberly Jane, Star, Stormy Rose, and Athena are all sexy and are getting muddy for you.
Check them out in this awesome DVD!
Running Time 111 minutes     Available on DVD-R as well as DVD-R Download
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First, Candle melts the cameras and everything else around her as she sinks naked in bottomless clay - all the while assaulting us with incredible dialogue. She starts out dressed quite well, but Candles intent is to titillate. So she ditches her dress and then sinks in spectacular style.
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Next, Odette impresses once again as she has a fateful encounter with a dangerous, yet sensuous peat bog. She sinks several times, but is able to pull herself with the aid of a sturdy vine. But after stripping naked, sinking deep and having a strong orgasm, finding that vine again proves difficult. Odette puts a nice pace on this, as well as a unique interpretation of sexy sinking.
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Then, in Summer's first ever mud experience, she slips naked into a fresh pit of creamy pottery clay. In a case of good fortune, her lack of video experience pays off as she actually loses herself in the sensation. The cameras capture this remarkable event as her incredible physique is transformed visually and tactfully in the mud. A one of a kind scene in our opinion. Very arousing!
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Then, Kym is at the top of her sex game as she indulges in an intense round of sex and mud exhibitionism. She gets close to the camera and does it from the front and from the rear and leaves no doubt as to where her fingers are doing the walking. This scene is dripping with arousal juice.
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Next, Star leads the camera and her assistant (Candle) to a peat bog in order to have a 'live' fetish therapy session. It all starts out rather clinical, but it soon transgresses into a full on arousal situation for the hapless camera, as he is invited into the mire by the two (by then) naked therapists. Over the top - or under the surface, this scene will please!
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Then, good friends Stormy and Athena make their way through a mucky trail and get really mucky together in a deep creamy clay pit! It's easy to see that they were looking forward to this, because the waste no time assaulting each other in a variety of ways. There's very little, if any, acting here. It's two hot ladies getting even hotter in a mud pit. Enjoy it!
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Lastly, Athena heads straight for her mud tub encounter, and finds that someone has made a mess! But that doesn't stop her. In fact, she finds inspiration in the liquid clay splattered all over the inside of the tub, and on the ground. And sure enough, after several nice orgasms of her own, she checks, and yep! - She made even more mess!  

Aroused in Mud #3  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #3  DVD-R Download
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