Aroused in Mud #4
Ready for another entry in this awesome series of Erotic Mud DVDs?
Aroused in Mud #4 is packed full of sexy goodies.  It offers a nice combination of dual and solo mud action!
Sativa, Odette Delacroix, Stormy Rose, Star, Annabelle Genovisi and Candle Boxxx are in the mud and mire.
Check them out in this awesome DVD!
Running Time 100 minutes     Available on DVD-R, as well as DVD-R Download
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First, Sativa, decked out in rose colored lingerie and black lace panties, puts the verbal smack on the camera as she talks about how she's going to treat us to a muddy show. Then it's down to business as she strips out of her clothes and proceeds to masturbate, front and back, in the creamy ooze. Lots of tasty shots of her athletic form succumbing to the erotic side of outdoor mud.
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Next, Odette and Stormy visit another bog and Odette says "Don't worry. This won't be like the last time". And it isn't. It's actually better (for us), because Odette unleashes lesbian and
quicksand fury on Stormy, who never really has a chance. But then Odette faces a similar fate - with a completely different response.
This is a high energy scene, performed by talented ladies, and filmed adroitly by the Camp MPV crew.
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Then, are you ready for a scene that will satisfactorily end your day - or at least bring it to a complete stop? This is one of those scenes. Star lights up our senses as she assaults us both visually, and with the sound of her irresistible voice and dialogue. And that's before she climbs out and rubs one out. Of course, she goes back in deep for the finale.
It's a classic in-out-in, and it's terrific.
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Then, does Annabelle love the mud tub? Well, now she does, because she had a terrific time showing just how it's done! Seeing that she's not the first to sample it, she strips and climbs in for a delicious and creamy romp. After making some serious waves she rubs one out while sitting on the edge. Then, after getting completely covered, Annabelle has another, unexpected orgasm, because of the feel of the mud covering her face and head!
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Next, in the spirit of artistic interpretation, Star incorporates the resistance of a deep bog hole in her um, nude morning outdoor workout. After some stretching on the boardwalk crossing the bog, she runs through some reps, letting her body sinking repeatedly before pushing it back up. Towards the end, she finds out that it would have been wise to keep a firm grip on the board.
Will she survive to work out another day? Tune in and find out!
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Then, Star and Candle, looking completely hot in sexy lingerie, visit a deep clay pit in the woods for some hanky panky. This scene, shown in two parts, starts with flirting and kissing and getting muddy. It climaxes with the two clay divas rubbing each other to orgasm in the ooze!  Star and Candle then continue the sexual horse play in the deep clay by recovering from their mutual masturbation in time to take turns dunking each other under the surface of the pit. It's a nice, drawn out process that culminates in them plastered with ooze and struggling to help each other back to solid ground. Once there, they remove the gloppy clay from their bodies. Very nice!

Aroused in Mud #4  DVD-R


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