Aroused in Mud #5
Ready for another awesome Erotic Mud DVD?
Aroused in Mud #5 is loaded with hot, slippery, muddy babes. But there's definitely also room for you, the viewer.  :-)
Annabelle Genovisi, Candle Boxxx, Star, Natalia Chaplin, Jessica Marsh, Victoria, Stormy Rose and Odette Delacroix are in the mud.
Check them out in this incredible DVD!
Running Time 123 minutes     Available on DVD-R, as well as DVD-R Download
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First, Jane (Annabelle) has gone AWOL during basic training and after running across a stream, finds herself mired in gooey clay. Worst, her drill sergeant Jill (Candle) is hot on her trail. But Jane finds out that Jill is not just hot on her trail, she's hot for her! In this first part of two, the action heats up in the clay as their clothes come off and hands and fingers wander. 
The steamy action continues as Jane and Jill continue to molest each other. A fair amount of time is given to some really nice head dunking in the creamy ooze.
They also struggle for a moment to finally extricate themselves and leave the scene of their mucky interlude!
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Next, Star makes her encounter with the mud tub count as she really takes the sexy dunking theme to a high level of arousal. Along the way though, she reminds us over and over again of how her unique physique and personality blend into a sexy package. Cover her with clay and fill her with arousal and you have a winner!
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Then, Natalia puts an interesting twist on the addiction theme by stopping by her favorite spot on her wedding day. She doesn't actually trash the dress, but she trashes any hope of a normal day by having an energetic romp in the deep muck. Not satisfied with going topless, she slips her panties off between submersions and gives the peat the full measure of her sexual attention!
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Then, Star puts her personal stamp on the Rubbin' in the Mud theme by teasing the camera with her voice and body. Her angelic face gets down and dirty with the rest of her as she seems to truly enjoy the sensation of the thick, smooth clay.
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Next, Jessica and Victoria square off in a (long) two round mud wrestling match on a beach of quicksilt. An entertaining scene that features plenty of physical action between two nice looking ladies. Yummm.
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Then, Candle really submits to her desires as she is tempted beyond her control by a delicious looking peat bog in a remote meadow. She probably would have been ok where she first goes in, but she spots a tastier looking spot, crawls over to it, and sinks from sight.
Then, there's something about two naked women slipping into a tub of clay that has a way of starting engines. What more if they can't keep their hands off each other once they are in there!
Stormy and Odette look (and sound) great together as they delight in the sensation of company the creamy mud.
The outdoor location and attentive camera work add to the already enjoyable viewing experience. It's a visual feast. Enjoy the meal!

Aroused in Mud #5  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #5  DVD-R Download
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