Aroused in Mud #6
Ready for another awesome Erotic Mud DVD?
Aroused in Mud #6 is absolutely packed with muddy goodness, including three mud goddesses new to MPV!
Summer Monroe, Jordana Leigh, Odette Delacroix, Annabelle Genovisi, Star, Sarah Michelle and Ludella Hahn are muddy for you!
Check them out in this awesome DVD!
Running Time 93 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Summer leads all other out of the gate for 2014 when she (truly) indulges in a sensual mud wallow. She's careful not to get her clothes too dirty, but her mind is full of filthy thoughts as she succumbs to the creamy thickness of the pottery clay deep in the woods. It's not hard to notice the glow on her face as she time and again forgets about the cameras and instead focuses on how the mud makes her feel....
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Next, in her MPV debut, Jordana heats up the mud tub like nobody else! She wastes no time explaining what she's up to as she strips off her clothes and settles naked into the creamy clay. She then pleases herself for the camera, which is shot point of view - sometimes from inside the lip of the tub itself. Jordana has a great time. You will too!
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Then, while experimenting with new substances, we decided to try what is sometimes referred to as oobleck.
This isn't precisely that (it's our own concoction), but we found out that the girls really *really* like playing in it!
Odette was the first to try it, as a guest of the Camp MPV Nudist Colony for the Sexually Addicted. We literally had to make her stop and get out so someone else could get in!
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Then, Swamp Chick decides to end her day by 'playing' in a bottomless bog. Gotta stay in shape, tight?
She crawls across the mire, aiming for a vine that can save her, but comes up a bit short.
After barely escaping certain death, she uses the vine in several different ways, ultimately doing a 'Tarzan' swing from one side of the bog to the other (a first). After many submersions, including two energetic plunges, Swamp Chick walks off, to return another day.
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Next, inspired by Kymberly Jane's mud dress outing, we decided to see what Star could do with the idea. Good plan! Because Star always has a way of latching onto the sexual concepts we give her - but with an approachable result that excites the watcher. She gets her dress saturated with slippery clay, and then used it to stimulate herself. Completely satisfied, she then passes out in the mud.
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Then, Sarah, Ludella and Annabelle are taking a shortcut through the woods on their way to a Halloween party when Sarah spots a clay pit and gets excited. We find out that there's some history when Ludella says "We don't have time for your shit!". Well they end up making time because Sarah has them fully engaged in clay in a very short time. We also find out that it wasn't boys that they were going to check out at the party. Turns out, they can pretty much take of themselves. The action in this scene is really just kissing and some wandering hands, but it is pleasing all the same. This is a long scene that features some nice face dunking action near the end. It's been a while since MPV has done traditional WAM, but this was worth the time and effort. The ladies made it so!

Aroused in Mud #6  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #6  DVD-R Download
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