Aroused in Mud #7
Finally, another incredible Erotic Mud DVD!
Aroused in Mud #7 continues the tradition of excellence in mud for MPV!
Whitney Morgan, Summer Monroe, Annabelle Genovisi, Jordana Leigh, Jen Padova and Candle Boxxx are aroused and excited for you!
Check them out in this awesome DVD!
Running Time 100 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, in her MPV debut, Whitney Morgan makes quite an impression as she expresses her addiction to playing in mud with creative intensity! Whitney is one of those gals that really sparkles on camera. And we were happy discover that as she carefully strips out of her clothes on the way to masturbating in the creamy ooze. But even then, she puts herself back together, convinced that nobody will notice evidence of her hanky panky fun!
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Next, it's been a long Jungle Girl kind of day, but Summer decides to cap it off with a strenuous workout in a bottomless bog. She almost (fatally) misses the vine on her first trip in, but soon catches a rhythm, plunging in and then dragging herself out of the mire. The scene features the first 'Tarzan' swing across the gully bog, as well as wonderful shots of Summer disappearing under the surface, only to come up gasping for breath. A short but very sweet outing with Summer!
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Then, Annabelle was the first gal in our second batch of Oobleck. It was pretty thick, but she made the best of it. Annabelle is very vocal and quite physical, but the gooey blob on the wheelbarrow eventually tamed her quite nicely. A nice, sexy lesson in chemistry. Or is that physics? Who cares! Annabelle in Oobleck is physical chemistry at its best!
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Then,  Jordana has been sent to a remote area of the spa to indulge in a creamy mud bath. But little does she know how *good* the clay is going to feel on her naked body. She is conservative in nature, so the pleasure washing over her lady-like persona causes conflict. But no matter, before long Jordana is firmly in the grip of desire and she pleases herself again and again! But it's back to reality as she tries to clean up, filled with guilt and regret - and the memory of a good time.....
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Next, Jen is back! What a surprise it was for us to find out she's right here in Tennessee, and looking as good as ever! And, we also discovered that her desire to have sex in front of cameras has not diminished a bit. She got right down to business as soon as she walked up to the tub and got clay on her hands. We used three cameras to capture this event, and it worked well. The scene was very quiet and intimate and Jen absolutely fills the screen with her energy and sexual charisma. Check out the preview and get a nice taste of what this is all about!
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Then, in a follow-up to her superb outing in a pet bog, Candle brings her hot Masturbation Instruction routine to one of the Camp MPV clay pits. Sound good? It is. As soon as she walks into view wearing a brightly colored sting bikini, it's obvious that a real treat is in store. And Candle follows up on that promise with plenty of sexy moments, culminating in full coverage masturbation.
Not just for Candle fans.....

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