Aroused in Mud #8
And here's yet another fun and arousing Erotic Mud DVD?
A tremendous value, Aroused in Mud #8 is a must-have title in any serious mud lover's collection!
Candle Boxxx, Whitney Morgan, Star, Ludella Hahn, Odette Delacroix, Jordana Leigh and Summer Monroe are totally sexy in the mud!
Check them out in this superb DVD!
Running Time 112 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, in what was supposed to be a serious follow-up to Candle's 'Feet First' scene with Star, Candle shows a different kind of sexy with real life girlfriend Whitney.
I usually let twists play themselves out, and really wondered afterwards if this was a good idea.
But when it came to editing the result, I became pleasantly surprised and how clever these ladies were about slipping some serious sexiness in with the bombastic lingo.
Maybe it's just getting to know Candle better, but either way, this scene is worth a look.
Two ladies enjoying themselves - and getting a boost from knowing that we're watching!
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Next, Star, in her usual, sexy fashion, pulls no punches as she gets down for the camera in a freshly prepared mud tub! Her exhibitionist expertise is never in doubt, because every move she makes is electric. I normally don't go for rapid coverage, but Star gets into the mud with such abandon, it impossible to fret over how fast she got covered. You don't have to be a Star fan to enjoy this, but if you are, get ready for a real treat!
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Then, Ludella was the first gal into the second batch of Oobleck - after we tweaked the consistency a bit! So what's runny on top, thicker below and grabs hot chicks by the knees and won't let go? This goop, of course. Ludella was truly stuck for several moments and actually did well not to panic. Anyone who doubts it should try to bend the sides of one of the wheelbarrows the way she did. It was fun. We also found out that one strong gal can finish an oobleck mixing job in about 18 minutes.....
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Then, watch what happens when Jordana visits a full treatment spa for the first time, and has a bi-sexual nymphomaniac Odette assigned to her as an attendant! Jordana is ready for a new experience and is pretty open minded. But just how will she respond to Odette's advances? Maybe that depends on how skilled Odette is at seduction (she's actually very good). This is a nice, long and rousing scene, complete with full coverage and multiple physical couplings. Yum!
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Next, Ludella blows us away once again with her bodacious looks and fun, exhibitionist attitude as she slips into the slippery pottery clay and coats her delicious body with creamy goodness! She is one of the gals who can say a lot without uttering a single word. And she puts that to good use and it is obvious that she enjoys this - a lot! Ludella doesn't leave an inch of her body or head out of the fun, as she finishes this romp completely plastered. Join the fun!
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Lastly, Summer truly enjoys the sensation of clay covering and enveloping her body (I only believed this when she described the sensation of sticking her arms straight down into pure clay). So we decided to combine this with her Reality TV (Buying Naked) background and interview her for a moment before she went into the clay to enjoy herself. It worked out very well! The obvious glow on her face at the end of the goopy romp is very real. Also, this may turn out to be a rare arousal session caught on camera for Summer, so add this to your collection asap!!

Aroused in Mud #8  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #8  DVD-R Download
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