Aroused in Mud #9
The excitement continues in this excellent and entertaining series!
Whether by themselves, or with partners, these gals know how to make mud sexy, and they like to show it off....
Jordana Leigh, Star, Annabelle Genovisi, Sarah Michelle, Alexia Ryan and Odette Delacroix are into sex in the goo!
And all rounded up for you on this awesome DVD!
Running Time 110 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Jordana lights up the addiction theme with a nice, sexy dip in the clay pit. Her outing is punctuated with her unique verbal style and very tasty physical attributes! Jordana likes to perform for the cameras and it's always a pleasure to see a pro like her latch onto concepts like this and bring them to a creamy life. See if you agree!
Next, it's Star's turn to experience the wonderful grabby and silky oobleck experience! She doesn't waste any time climbing in and letting the goop mold itself to her body. Star's exertion against the grippy oobleck is quite apparent - but then so is her arousal, because the oobleck pulls on anything that penetrates the surface. Star makes good use of this, and we made good use of the cameras. A winning combination!
Then, Annabelle was completely ready for man time when she walked into this scene and laid waste to the cameras in the clay! Her super tight and super short cocktail dress was a perfect fit for her body and her mood. She teases the cameras and succumbs to the feel of the silky clay all at the same time. She pleases herself in a very natural way. Watch for her facial pleasure towards the end of the scene. It's truly original and very remarkable!
Then, Sarah literally walks into focus as a clay goddess intent on proving her status as a true WAM mistress! This was the last scene of the day, and her sultry voice speaks of someone who is ready for a sensuous mud bath. And Sarah does not disappoint. From the moment she steps into the clay, until she finally gets out, completely satisfied, it's a sexy ride. Settle in with her. It's a good feeling!
Next, You gotta love it when a gal says "push me" while standing on the edge of a bog! What more when two gals take turns saying it to each other.... Jordana and (friend) Alexia put on quite a show as they take turns pushing each other harder and further out into an invitingly wet peat bog. It's not long before they are shoving each other around in the mire and their clothes come off.
They cap off their sinking frolic with some nice dunking action.  Good stuff!
Lastly, Star and Jordana have snuck away from arts and crafts in order to make their stay at camp memorable - with a muddy lesbian liaison! But after going several rounds in the creamy clay, they are discovered by the very prudish Odette. Odette wastes no time displaying her contempt for the naughtiness she has stumbled upon. soon as Star and Jordana have left the area, Odette's curiosity leads her to spontaneously indulge in the very carnal activity that she abhorred a moment earlier. She succumbs to her own personal lust, only to be overcome with shame, as she tries to clean up and the run away from the sexy mud... This is a nicely protracted scene featuring three hot and talented ladies.  Enjoy it!

Aroused in Mud #9  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #9  DVD-R Download
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