Aroused in Mud #10
The ladies of MPV are back in action - in the mud!
On this DVD just four beauties are all it takes to mix and match your muddy tastes in style and excitement.
Star, Odette Delacroix, Jordana Leigh and Ludella Hahn show how it's done!
Another winner for the serious mud scene collector!
Running Time 103 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Star is sneaking some personal sexy time in a private mud dungeon when the owner, Odette, shows up. Odette is unhappy that someone is sneaking into her play area without paying dues. So, she makes Star choose between dealing with the police, or submitting sexually to Odette in the creamy clay. What follows is a hot encounter between two sexy blondes in the clay pit. The scene slows down a bit when Odette runs through the mud dungeon rules, but is then punctuated with her demand that Star check every 'crevasse' while thy clean up. A great girl/girl mud scene with steamy action and nice head dunking with total coverage!
Then, sometimes it takes physical strength to do a WAM scene correctly, and Jordana's (obvious) gym habit pays off for her, and for us. That's because Jordana is able to muscle her way in and out of the Oobleck, causing it to pull away from her toned body when she decides to break the grip it has on her. And this is sexy, for sure. Other times, she move more slowly and the Oobleck oozes around her hips and ass and crotch in a very delightful way. She also has fun letting the goop melt in her hands and coat her skin as it cascades her naked body. Jordana didn't have outright sex in the Oobleck, but that doesn't mean this isn't sexy. It is!
Then, yet another MPV series is dominated by Ludella!   This time, it's the Addiction theme that she lays to waste with a very memorable performance in the clay. It's hard to put into words just how convincing her inner turmoil is at finding such luscious clay to stick her body into. She's on her way to an interview, so the stakes are high - but so is her desire, as she succumbs to the temptation in spectacular style. Have a look. This is a winner!
Next, we were really looking forward to getting Odette in the mud tub for an up-close look at her sensuality, and this was worth the wait! From the moment she started purring to the camera and slipped into the clay, she had our attention. Odette is absolutely fearless about getting mud on her and in her face, and she made good use of that, as well as her natural eroticism. It's a very hot scene. This was shot in relatively low light, so some noise reduction software was used to soften the look of the footage. It has a really nice effect that adds to the enjoyments of Odette's natural creaminess!
Also, inspired by early Mud Dress scenes, we decided to apply Jordana's natural sexual prowess to this interesting concept. She isn't quite sure of what to do with the idea, but once she gets her cocktail dress good and sloppy, and starts to slap and slather it against her naked womanhood, the animal within took over and Jordana thoroughly enjoyed her muddy encounter with the dress and the creamy and deep clay! This is a lady who enjoys a good time, and she definitely enjoyed this!
Lastly, it's turnabout time, as Odette is visited at the mud spa by Star, who has found out that Odette's Mud Dungeon is not permitted and is in violation of planning codes. So, Star turns Odette into her own Mud Bitch and enjoys some intimate attention from her pint sized mud slave. First it's a massage - which quickly turns into a sensual massage. Then it's some kissing and head dunking action, following by more rubbing in the creamy clay. When it's all said and done, Star and Odette are more like friends and lovers than anything else. And what a sexy journey it was!!

Aroused in Mud #10  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #10  DVD-R Download
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