Aroused in Mud #11
Has waiting for this title been worth it?  You bet!
This DVD packs muddy goodies that span three shooting seasons. Women pleasing themselves in mud just won't get old....
Annabelle, Odette Delacroix, Candle Boxxx, Stormy Rose, Little Mina and Kendra James enjoy arousal in the mud!
Another must-have for the lovers of awesome mud scenes!
Running Time 103 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Annabelle pays the point-of-view camera a very sexy visit as she treats to a high energy and talkative encounter with creamy clay! She removes her clothing and slips into the clay nude, offering tantalizing views of her sexy body and she dips lower and lower into the slippery mud. Annabelle is not shy about this sort of fun and really heats up the moment with sexy lingo and very authentic masturbation. Get ready for a fun ride with this one. Annabelle never disappoints!
Then, sweet and innocent Odette has booked an outdoor clay bath, not knowing what is in store for her. But it doesn't take long for her to realize that the creamy clay feels *real* good on her naked body, and gets completely lost in the moment when it hits "the area". This is a hot scene, punctuated with Odette's guilty reaction to the whole thing. But that doesn't stop from making a return visit....
Then, Candle doesn't hesitate when she walks up naked to the MPVBleck box. She sinks her feet into it, and then just about everything else. This is pretty much a 'sex while stuck' scene with some messy elements. In hindsight, Candle could have let the bleck melt on her. But the reality is that she was more concerned about the sensation of the bleck grabbing her naked groin and not letting go! Watch her as she used the gripping power of the bleck as she rides to a shuddering orgasm.
Some tasty camera angles punctuate this great exhibition by the beautiful and talented (and horny) Candle!
Next, we always wanted an indoor option for stormy weather, so how cool is it that Stormy was there for the weather that showed up the first day of the shooting season! And what arousing fun she had! The creamy clay was warm and fresh and just waiting for Stormy's attention. She got right into it and rubbed one out before even removing her lingerie! But she wanted to mild this experience and got naked as well--masturbating a second time in the ooze. The sound of the rain is quite noticeable at the beginning of the scene, but then tapers off. But not Stormy. She is strong to the end!
Also, Little Mina makes a seriously memorable impression in her MPV debut as she gets down and dirty in the smooth clay of the mud tub. She wastes no time getting to the business at hand, getting herself off right after climbing in, and many times after that. She loves showing off her butt and getting close to the camera. But mostly, she grooves on the feel of the clay, and imagining all the guys watching her. Little Mina enjoys this. It's obvious. And indulging in total coverage at the end of the scene seals the deal for all concerned.
Hopefully she will be creaming in the mud and quicksand for a long time to come!
Lastly, Kendra takes the mud addiction theme to new highs as she expertly takes us on an emotional journey while she struggles with her addiction. Only an experienced and motivated beauty like Kendra can so exquisitely ramp up the messy abandonment and have us 'lose it' alongside her. She invites us into her immersion so to speak, and makes it special. The clay loves Kendra and so do the cameras. Have a look. This is something you won't soon forget!
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Aroused in Mud #11  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #11  DVD-R Download
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