Aroused in Mud #12
Women pleasing themselves in mud just won't get old!!
Kendra James, Nikko Jordan, Rockell Starbux, Little Mina and Ludella Hahn enjoy arousal in the mud!
A must-own for the collector of awesome mud scenes!
Running Time 114 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, we always ask the ladies to bring sexy clothes that they would like to trash in our mud, and Kendra really had a gem. It was a really neat piece of latex gear, fashioned after a bikini. It was an old favorite of hers, and now it's cherished by us as well, because Kendra put on a monster show for the cameras in the mud tub! It's hard to describe just how significant Kendra is when it comes to enjoying new fetish experiences. She really takes us along for the ride. She hits all the buttons, including some nice head dunking and awesome coverage shots. Here's to Kendra in latex and mud!!
Then, Nikko treats us to a nice interpretation of the mud addiction theme in this visually pleasing scene. She is drawn to the mud like the others before her, and looks absolutely delicious as the creamy clay consumes her awesome body. And Nikko knows just what to do in this irresistible opportunity as she masturbates in the ooze, and then again as she tries to make her back to normalcy! She is pretty sure nobody will notice her shenanigans with her dress back on, but we won't soon forget how naughty she was in the mud!
Then, ready for slippery and sexy goodness? Rockell shows us how it's done in the clay bath as she gets messy and sexy and rubs herself to pleasure in the creamy ooze! This is a gal that likes to be looked at. She also enjoys a good mess. So it's understandable that she slides into the opportunity for the cameras in creamy pottery clay. Her lingerie gets plastered to her soft body, while her fingers find her happy spot again and again. Later, the clothes come off and she masturbates again--this time with her face plastered as well! Shot on a rainy day, this is a nice long and muddy look at a well endowed, horny beauty getting messy and sexy for the cameras!!
Next, Little Mina gets right into it as she sits down in MPVBleck, and lets the goo grip her naked flesh. She does know how to enjoy 'alternative arousal' and treats us to a nice show in the bleck. But the scene takes a decided turn towards the end, as the thick MPVBleck at the bottom of the pit grabs her hand and just won't let go. Little Mina is more than a little frustrated by the time she realizes that get unstuck is going to take some time and some serious effort. But, she does work it out eventually, and makes her escape. A nice hybrid messy, sexy and stuck scene, punctuated by Mina's great looks!!
Also, Ludella blows us away once again with her bodacious looks and fun, exhibitionist attitude as she slips into the slippery pottery clay and coats her delicious body with creamy goodness! She is one of the gals who can say a lot without uttering a single word. And she puts that to good use and it is obvious that she enjoys this - a lot! Ludella doesn't leave an inch of her body or head out of the fun, as she finishes this romp completely plastered. Join the fun!!
Lastly, we're always keen to see what will happen when two gorgeous ladies find themselves naked in creamy clay with a green light to have maximum fun together. And Kendra and Nikko did not waste the opportunity! They actually seemed to share the lead as it were, alternately taking charge of the proceedings. There are several hot girl/girl moments to watch for, including a nice 'show me' moment and some nice head dunking action as well. And, notice at the end, how Nikko is anxious to get Kendra in the shower. She really enjoyed her 'big sister's' company in this scene.!
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