Aroused in Mud #13
Here we go again, with gals pleasing themselves in mud. Good times!!
Star, Nikko Jordan, Saraliz, Sativa, Little Mina, and Sarah Michelle enjoy sex in the mud!
A DVD that you will get messy with again and again!
Running Time 112 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, you are sitting on the edge of Star's favorite clay pit, intruding on her private mud masturbation time. She tries to shoo you away, but you stay, and she decides to put on a show for you. And what a show it is! She rubs herself silly, over and over again, getting closer to you each time! She leaves none of her desirable face and body uncovered by the clay, and leaves no doubt as to how aroused the situation has made her. A great sexual outing by Star captured up close for your enjoyment!
Then, Nikko looks completely alluring as she walks into view wearing her hair in pigtails and sporting sneakers and colorful socks. She then climbs into the tub and gets muddy for us - and aroused as well. After ditching the clothes and getting coated with slippery clay, she rubs one out, just before plowing her face into the mud and masturbating yet again! Nikko is always aware of the camera and relishes the effect she knows she will have on her fans. It all adds to the excitement, for her and for us. Great action in the mud tub by a beautiful gal. Thank you Nikko!
Then, Saraliz is giddy about getting stuck and horny in thick and sticky MPVBleck. So she wastes no time grinding her naked body into the goo and letting the grip of the bleck work its magic! It's one sexy/stuck moment after another. Saraliz gets noticeably more aroused and physically engaged in the struggle as the scene wears on. The biggest effort is the one to escape at the end. But that just means she can return, which seems very likely!
Next, Sativa had to wait to try the clay bath, but that's ok, because the rain had pretty much stopped by then, and you could hear every nuance of her sensation adventure in the creamy goo!
From the moment her bare feet slid into the clay, you can hear the approval in her voice. And as the mud started covering her body, the moans became louder and louder, climaxing in a nice orgasm. But that just led to a brief intermission. Because Sativa then covered her face in clay and went about masturbating with earnest--churning the creamy clay into her groin and satisfying herself in a delightfully dirty way! This is a nice, intimate time with Sativa, a favorite of many MPV fans.
Also, Little Mina and bubbling mud? Oh my! But what's even more fun is watching her experience clay shots in the face during the first part of the action. It's one thing to have clay bursting right in front of Mina. But the naughty suggestion hits her also, in addition to the ooze, and helps light up her sexy Asian body! Chest deep in the slime, Mina's arousal bubbles over. From there, it's just a matter of getting her bottoms off and letting the mud kiss her where it counts - again and again. Yummy yum yum!!
Lastly, If you are somehow unaware of how much fun it is to watch Sarah Michelle be naughty, this scene is for you! And folks who are already familiar with Sarah's shenanigans will thoroughly enjoy this scene. Sarah really can be a party of one, but that's not actually the case, because she really enjoys taking us along for the ride. And what a ride this is, as she just can't seem to stop pleasing herself in the clay. The tub in the woods can barely contain her, as her enthusiasm for sexual fun and showing off bubbles over in this delightfully long and steamy outing!

Aroused in Mud #13  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #13  DVD-R Download
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