Aroused in Mud #14
Either nude, or dressed to thrill, the MPV ladies slip into the mud, enjoying the feel on their bodies, messing up their clothes and hair...

The creamy mud tastes
Annabelle Genovisi, Sarah Michelle, Saraliz, Little Mina, Jordana Leigh, Candle Boxxx,
Stormy Rose
,  and Sativa, sometimes two at a time.   And you get to watch....
Running Time 110 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Annabelle tops herself yet again in the arousing clay sex fest shot in light rain. From the moment she steps into view, she grabs the viewer by the balls and just won't let go. She absolutely loves doing this, and talking sexual smack just makes it all the more engaging! Annabelle completely delights in creaming her face with the smooth goo while making sure her naked body also gets proper attention. It's her secret spot and we are there to watch her. See if you can resist her. It's very doubtful!
Then It might be hard to imagine Sarah Michelle as a librarian, but she is very convincing as a proper woman trying her best to be ladylike while exposing her naked body to creamy clay for the first time! It's all innocent at first, but when the mud goes you-know-where, the pretense of manners dissolves quickly and the mood becomes one of sexual delight. Is a masturbation session in the mud a party of one, or two? Doesn't matter! Sarah fills the screen and mind with all sorts of goodness - with some tasty full-coverage action to boot. Thank you Sarah!
Then Saraliz leads Little Mina to a bathtub filled with clay and promises her a good time. Little Mina obliges by showing Saraliz that providing pleasure in mud is an equal opportunity endeavor! This scene features some of the best girl-girl kissing we have ever filmed. The ladies enjoyed kissing each other and did it often. They also get busy with their hands several times, and enjoy going for the total coverage feel as well. Very sexy. Very entertaining!
Next Jordana has been sent to a remote area of the spa to indulge in a creamy mud bath. But little does she know how *good* the clay is going to feel on her naked body. She is conservative in nature, so the pleasure washing over her lady-like persona causes conflict. But no matter, before long Jordana is firmly in the grip of desire and she pleases herself again and again! But it's back to reality as she tries to clean up, filled with guilt and regret - and the memory of a good time.....
Also, Candle is a hedge fund manager on the loose from her corner office and indulging in her secret sexual pastime - masturbating in a mud bath! And it's not just the feel of the clay on her privates, Candle goes in for the total coverage feel as well. And while she's doing all this, she talks coyly to the camera, describing every sensation! Candle really rocks the executive persona. She left her heels and stockings behind, but that dress makes us wonder what lurks in the minds of those hot office ladies!
Lastly, it was a long night, but Stormy finally caught up with Sativa at the swingers club, dressed all wrong for being out without her mistress. So it's straight to the mud pit without going to bed. Will get shoved under the slippery ooze keep Sativa awake? You bet. But Stormy still dunks her several times for good measure! But then we find out why Sativa gets this particular punishment. Stormy really digs the clay - and preferably naked. She doesn't want to trash her clothes or her boots. She wants to feel the mud on her body. And she makes sure that she gets her fix.... What can Sativa do but try to keep up! It's a full coverage dunk-fest in the deep woods....

Aroused in Mud #14  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #14  DVD-R Download
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