Aroused in Mud #15
Mud on the brain. Mud on the girls. It feels good!  And MPV brings it to your personal screen with style and quality.
This collectible treat includes
Nikko Jordan, Summer Monroe, Annabelle Genovisi, Kendra James and Star Nine.   Add it to your stash!
Running Time 137 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, rounding out our indoor adventure with the clay tub is Nikko. And what a finish she provided! She was a little timid at first, but when her delicious butt settled into the warm clay, she pretty much melted into the situation. More and more clay found it's way onto her body, her string bikini falling by the wayside. After a little foot play, she laid back and rubbed one out. And it wasn't just for show! Nikko is the kind of gal that will take pleasure whenever the situation allows, and this was no exception.
Then, Summer is having the most fun she can have as she slips into a bathtub filled with creamy clay and becomes one big muddy smear! She's one of those gals that finds the feel of clay on her body a total delight, and it shoes. In addition to seeing her bodacious body covered with creamy mud, we get to enjoy watching her dunk her head in the goo and blow bubbles - a bunch of times! Towards the end of the scene, there is a total downpour, but that doesn't cool this off, if just adds to the fun!
Next, it was another stormy day, so it was time to see if we could improve on our indoor mud set--and have Annabelle give it a spin! The clay was nice and warm. And Annabelle made it even more so, as she started smearing it all over her bikini-clad body. It didn't take her long to discover the joy of smacking her bare round butt into the creamy goodness! She then squatted and smushed her face in--several times. All the while, she talks to the cameras about what she's doing. This was a great tonic for all involved, and will be for you too!
Also, here is where two cool ideas and one beautiful gal intersect. Kendra, as gorgeous as ever, wears a bright red dress to her encounter with the mud tub. She leaves the dress on, gets it heavy and slimy with clay, and then uses it to stimulate her body! Her pleasure is somewhat muted by amusement, but it's real. For Kendra, the cameras make it so (and so does the mud). Slip into this adventure with Kendra. She feels so good!
Then, Star has been there and done that with just about everything we can throw at her at Camp MPV - and we have never been disappointed. So when it came to be her turn for the 'Bubble Shaft', we just sat back and let Star show us how it's done. She didn't re-invent the wheel, but she sure made it bigger and faster than everyone else's! This scene runs long. But that's because Star made the most of the situation and enjoyed the bubbles from every angle, twice. Once before getting completely covered, and again afterwards.... There is also a nice stretch of Star at the end, wiping the clay from her body. Good times!
Lastly, Summer has a surprise in store for Annabelle - a fun and sexy romp in creamy clay! We see Summer first. She is determined to get the mud tub completely ready for Annabelle perky body and adventurous spirit. But that means getting completely messy of course! And when Annabelle finally does appear, it just gets that much better. And when you thought they couldn't get any messier, they up the ante with some outrageously sexy foot play! This is a long and epic romp in the mud tub by two very sexy and fun ladies. Don't miss out!

Aroused in Mud #15  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #15  DVD-R Download
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