Aroused in Mud #16
Whether it's a solo effort, or joined by a gal pal, mud is an messy conduit to sexual pleasure!
And to demonstrate this, we bring you:
Sarah Michelle, Annabelle Gonovisi, Odette Delacroix, Alexia Ryan, Rockell Starbux,
Sativa, Nikko Jordan and Stormy Rose.
When things get slippery, you have to rub harder. So they do!
Running Time 119 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Sarah arrives at 'her spot', expecting to enjoy her secret pit of bubbling mud - alone. But then along comes Annabelle, who also exclaims "My Spot!". Well, they decide to share after all, and discover that two is more fun than one when it comes to riding the Bubble Shaft. This is a long and tasty scene featuring two fun loving (and hot) ladies, lots of mud, and lots of mud bubbles. Have a peak at the action. They won't mind!
Then, here's where we really got some traction with the slippery indoor clay, and just in time--because Sarah Michelle really got messy and *very* sexy! She thought it would be fun to wear her glasses in the mud. So they got coated with clay, just like Sarah. And all the while, Sarah went with some mean masturbation instruction. The best of this sort of thing is when it's spontaneous, and Sarah was spot on with it! Sarah only told this this past season that she only gets raunchy for MPV. Well, this was a surprise, because she sure is comfortable with it, and in this scene, treats us to a joyous orgasm in the clay. Way to go Sarah!
Next, Odette has brought her new lover Alexia to a mud hole in the woods, that has a reputation for deadly danger. Alexia doesn't want anything to do with it, but Odette coaxes her in for some messy sex. It seems like Odette can be somewhat responsible. But then we find out that she is really quite insane and the fun takes a turn for the dark side. How will this work out for Alexia?
Or Odette for that matter?
Also, the rain day fun continued in the clay bath as Rockell Starbuxx has Sativa join her for some slippery and messy fun in the mud Tub! WAM fans will delight in the way the creamy pottery clay coats these two attractive ladies--and how Sativa gets 'Boobed' by Rockell's muddy knockers! Towards the end, particular attention is paid to their feet. This is a nice, long scene featuring some kissing and friendliness. But mostly it's two friends enjoying and fun and messy time in the clay. Have a look!!
Then, ever imagine what it would be like to see a hot lady orgasm in the mud?  In this scene Nikko reminds us that she is in the elite group of sexy women who can make messy cum. What's interesting about this scene is that she didn't wait for the bubbles that were on the way. Time stood still as she pushed herself closer and closer to the edge, and then over it! So, we turned on the bubbles anyways, and let the mud show its appreciation. And Nikko was happy to cap the scene off by enjoying the extra sensation and taking a nice head dip in the creamy clay.
So enjoy Nikko, making it real, in the mud!!
Lastly, when you invite two gals who truly enjoy mud to please each other in a clay filled bathtub, it's hard to miss - and this scene proves it! And it's true. Stormy can't pass up a chance to get in the mud. And Sativa isn't far behind. Once the clay gets on her body, the world disappears and all her senses are focused on the mud and her good friend. Stormy guides the action in this slippery girl on girl fun fest. She rubs Sativa and watches her face slowly disappear into the creamy ooze. And then it's her turn. Go ahead and watch as it happens!!

Aroused in Mud #16  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #16  DVD-R Download
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