Aroused in Mud #17
They say that variety is the spice of life. Does that apply to women in mud?  Lets find out!
A tasty and exotic mix of mucky females features:
Star, Stormy Rose, Little Mina, Anabelle Pync,
Jessica Marsh and Kendra James.
With a variety like this, you won't need to grab anything else to be satisfied!
Running Time 110 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Star returns to a familiar place, her play spot of creamy clay... This time, she's wearing a long, vivid blue dress. She figures all that fabric might come in handy if the bubbles are there in the clay. And she's right. The bubbles scooting up her naked legs get trapped under the wet and slippery dress, blowing it up in proportion her 'fun'. This is pretty cool, but it keeps her hands busy, busy from doing other, more familiar things. So Star lets the air out, climbs up on the edge, and rubs one out, thinking about her new way to see just how fun playing in mud can be!
Then,  we thought we were done for the day when we noticed Stormy pouting in the corner. We asked why, and she said she was bummed that she was leaving the next day, and just hadn't gotten her mud fix for the trip!  So, the lights stayed on, and Stormy got that 'all over feel' once again.  Not that we minded. And this was for real. The evening she arrived, she grabbed a towel and headed out for outside bathtub--off the clock!  Stormy loves mud and clay. So, here she is, indulging. Go ahead and indulge yourself as well!
Next,  Little Mina shows us what you can do with a short dress in the mud. First, you have fun with it. Then, you leave it behind for the sake of some good old fashioned dunking in the slippery clay! But Mina does indeed wear the dress out - so to speak. There are some really nice moments as she repeatedly lets the dress slip over her delightfully round and slippery butt and fall into the goop. The cameras captured her attractiveness in the tub very nicely. Care for a bath? Little Mina shows us how it's done!
Also, there's a certain kind of gal that enjoys sex so much that they really like to be offered an excuse to enjoy it in new ways. Anabelle is one of those girls. So, she listened carefully when we told her to have sex with her muddy dress - in the mud. And then she happily did just that! But she wasn't happy with 'just that'. So after the muddy dress humping, she treated herself to a backflip in the clay. This is one gal who likes it sloppy!  !
Then, Jessica treats us to an up close look at her enjoying the sexual side of clay as she leads the camera to a mud pit. She remarks about how it has just rained - and how horny that makes her. The mud just adds to her arousal as she plunges in and proceeds to pleasure herself. Very nice!
Lastly, leave it to Kendra to raise the bar several notches with just about anything she does at Camp MPV. And this is no exception! She absolutely smolders in the clay pit, heating up the mud and surrounding woods and nearly fogging up the cameras with her sultry moves and sexy dialogue. Combined with her absolutely scrumptious body and exotic beauty, her messy taunts will leave you breathless. Get close and join her in the clay. It's what she wants...  !

Aroused in Mud #17  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #17  DVD-R Download
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