Aroused in Mud #18
Want to feel surrounded by muddy women in heat?  With this DVD, there's no escape!
A delightful deluge of slippery gals features:
Little Mina, Kendra James, Alora Jaymes, Summer Monroe,
Ashley Lane, Star and Anabelle Pync.
Better check your calendar. This DVD will keep you busy for quite a while!
Running Time 132 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, our favorite mud masseuse from Chattanooga, Mina (who acts like she's Vietnamese) is at it again! This time it's Kendra who has booked an appointment. But far from worried about getting her hair messy, Kendra has a sexual adventure in mind and is ready to seduce the petite Mina. But one good kiss from Kendra, and Mina slips up with the accent. No problem! Kendra says keep going with the accent - and oh, by the way, care for some muddy lesbian sex? It's ruba dub dub in the mud tub after that. And Mina just may be the biggest winner!!
Then,  Alora was a surprise for us last season - a very welcome one. She is a natural when on camera. She doesn't have to act per se, because she engages in the situation, whatever the outcome. So she was a little shocked when she slipped into the creamy clay with bubbles splashing in her face. But before long, she realized it was play time and worked herself into a frenzy of creamy mud sex! Her long legs highlight a very nice, tall figure. But she still managed to find her way into a very nice dunking spot, coming up plastered with mud - and more aroused than ever. Watch for the tasty shots of the bubbles coming up between her legs and ass. Very nice! We think she might want to do this again...
Next, Summer loves to sink. She loves to drown for the cameras. But when the conditions are right, she likes to help herself to sexual fun when there's thick MPVBleck around. She probes it with her finger. But, just to be sure, she dances across the surface with her bare feet. Yep. It's thick. Really thick. So down she goes, as the MPVBleck swallows her up to her neck. From there, Summer goes about enjoying herself - including a nice soulful submersion for good measure. Then it's a long and physical struggle to get out. But is it time to leave? Not yet! Summer sinks again, not wanting to miss an opportunity to be consumed in the moment....
Also,  Ashley enjoys having a good time, and that's great for us, because she likes to have people watch her fantastic body feeling (really) good. But what she didn't expect was just how easy it is to have 'fun' in pottery clay that explodes against her body... In a feast for both the eyes and the ears, Ashley slips into the creamy clay and makes her way to the bubbles, which don't ever stop until the end. She takes the sensation every which way, and punctuates her pleasure by pushing her face into the goo repeatedly! She wears out everything - the mud, herself, and you, if you dare let her.
Then, if you think you've seen Star every which way you can, have a look at this. We set a camera right above a tub of warm, creamy clay and asked Star to keep it good company. And she did. The clay was warm, but Star made things (literally) steamy in the cool evening air by coating herself with it from head to toe before indulging in some good old-fashioned rubbing. And it's hard to beat the dialogue from someone who really understands messy sex. The view does switch to other great angles on the action. But the camera overhead is the winner here. The view of Star swirling around in the warm mud from this perspective is a real treat - especially when she 'goes under' while masturbating. Go ahead. Indulge!
Lastly, we finish strong with Anabelle!
Somewhere along the way, we realized how it cool it was to have the ladies get a long dress filled with clay, and then let the mud bubbles fill it with air.
It's funny, but it's also sexy, because that slippery mud is working its magic the whole time. And as expected, the dress blowing up is no match for getting extra creamy in the clay! So the dress comes off, and the rubbing commences. This scene is graphic, and very pleasing, including an unplanned backflip! Anabelle loves sex, the messier the better. And the cameras love Anabelle. It's an irresistible match in the mud. Have look. Burst a bubble or two....!

Aroused in Mud #18  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #18  DVD-R Download
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