Aroused in Mud #19
Want to watch?  This DVD gets you close to the action, close enough to get dirty!
An arousing eyeful of slippery ladies includes:
Anabelle Pync, Alora Jaymes, Ashley Lane, Summer Monroe,
Brittany Shae and Star Nine.
Watching is cool. They enjoy getting muddy - for your pleasure ....
Running Time 135 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Anabelle and Alora showed up to Camp MPV as roommates and lovers, so we couldn't pass up the chance to let them get it on in the big clay pit. Alora is naturally very tactile, so the feel of the slippery clay on her body gets her revved up right away. And Anabelle is all about taking advantage of that. These hot lovers wander from spot to spot in the mud, finding new ways to rub on each other. Shooting it was interesting, since it was all done in one take (over 20 minutes long!). But editing revealed just how genuine the action is. Anabelle and Alora really did enjoy this, and it's a safe bet they would want you to as well....
Then,  There's nothing like seeing a hot, naked chick walk towards something fun. And Ashley makes the best of the situation, for herself, and for us. She means to please herself in the creamy clay - getting dirty with clean mud, so to speak. Ashley is a big girl, with great lines and proportions. So it's nice that this scene is well covered, including an overhead shot that just makes you want to drop right on top of her! Does she know she's being watched? You bet. It's helping her along almost as much as the mud is. And she seems to be getting quite a boost, because she admitted later to coming several times during this scene. See for yourself. This is as real as it gets!
Next, Ok, so what do we mean by bigger bubbles? Well, we *did* make an improvement to our Mud Bubble capacity. But Anabelle showed up with improvements of her own, and is happy to show them off! But this scene isn't just about that (although it could have been). Anabelle literally pushes herself under the mud in some radical tumbling maneuvers that just seemed to happen. Head-first fans will delight in the way her butt and feet end up flailing in the air, with the rest of her buried in the thick clay. There are multiple shots of her coming up seriously coated in slippery mess. Have a look at this. It's bubbling mud gone radical!
Also, Summer and Mina are friends now. No more fake Vietnamese accent for Mina - or so it seems. She wants to really pleasure Summer in her favorite mud massage location. But Summer is resisting, until, that is, that kooky accent comes back! Then, it's a lesbian blast in the slippery clay. They take turns pleasing each other, getting more muddy with each orgasm. But the real climax comes when Mina wants to show Summer the Vietnamese 'Cymbal' maneuver. You just have to see it to understand. Heck, this is a scene you just have to see anyways!
Then, there's really nothing like experiencing a WAM Queen up close and personal. And Brittany fits the bill very nicely. She's a natural when it comes to getting messy - somehow getting even cuter and more appealing with every additional application of smooth, dirty clay. She wallows in the sensation of it, and wants you along for the ride! This was a warm, fresh batch of pottery clay. And Brittany wastes no time getting it everywhere. Even so, there is some fun given to removing what little she was wearing, and plenty of fun given to that steamy area between her legs. Come up close for a look. You'll be glad you got involved!!
Lastly, Star and Ashley seemed to be getting along really well at Camp MPV, so it was natural to ask them to add to our Feet First collection. It turned out to be a good idea, because they went ahead and thoroughly enjoyed each other, taking the concept to its highest level yet. Because there's just something really sexy about a gal taking another woman's feet and using them - for pleasure. This is a long scene which progresses nicely from clean bikinis to naked and slippery fun. The outing is capped with some nice shots of Star and Ashley rubbing the clay from each other's bodies. If you're not a muddy feet fan, you may be after watching this!

Aroused in Mud #19  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #19  DVD-R Download
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