Aroused in Mud #20
Either nude, or dressed to thrill, the MPV ladies slip into the mud, enjoying the feel on their bodies, messing up their clothes and hair...
The fun on this DVD includes:
Anabelle Pync, Little Mina, Brittany Shae, Summer Monroe,
Star Nine and Nyssa Nevers.
The smooth mud tastes the pretty women, sometimes two or three at a time.   And you get to watch....
Running Time 131 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, you know you're in trouble as soon as Anabelle pops out of the woods and asks you to join her for some mud excitement. And join her you do, up close and seemingly very personal. And you can make this twenty-six minute encounter last as long as you please - if you can last long at all.... Anabelle loves to be watched, and she has completely embraced the fun of getting messy, and how good it feels. Do you mind if she masturbates just a few feet away from you? Can you just about smell the clay and the fragrance of a hot woman in the woods?
Immerse yourself in this quality offering and see if it works for you!
Then, we knew that the mud was very thick below the surface, but Mina was really digging the way she looked in her dress, and wanted to get muddy. So, we let her. And she really enjoyed the feeling of the mud gripping her - while she got a grip on herself! Mina really enjoys being watched having sex. So being stuck wasn't always the best thing. Luckily, she worked out a way to get covered and then lay on top of it all. From here, she put on quite a show, including some nice Over the Should looks down her sexy Asian body while she masturbates.
But then it was struggle time again as she makes her way out, this time exhausted from the fun!
Next, Anabelle and Brittany have been looking forward to taking a clay bath together. So they waste no time making each other feel good in the creamy goo! They get in nude and ready for lesbian love-making. There is muddy kissing, muddy motorboating and (best of all) muddy toe sucking! And of course, they rub each other silly every chance they get. And there's also a nice shot of Anabelle's head disappearing during a nice tribbing moment. Is this fun? You bet. Worth watching? Absolutely!
Also, it's not hard to get Summer in the mud. Just show her where it is. In fact, this scene required no directing. It actually runs a little shorter than most. That's because Summer *wants* the bikini off of her body. And she *wants* to dunk under the surface. It's 15 minutes of Summer treating her awesome body to deep, creamy clay. The way she likes it. This pleasure-fest is punctuated by two incredible dunks and Summer enjoying sex with the mud. Have a look. Have a listen!
Then, it's the simple formulas that work the best, especially when you have a top-notch model on hand. Star is one of those ladies who not only likes being watched, she makes sure there's something real to see. In this case, pleasure time in the mud tub becomes a joy ride - for everyone. She looks hot in a purple corset and black fishnets. It's a pleasure to watch Star trash everything in the sultry summer air. And it's even more fun to watch her move on to combine messy fun and energetic solo sex! She even puts her breath holding on display as she pushes herself to orgasm with her head under the surface of the creamy clay. This is likely the last solo mud tub scene we'll do. So it's fitting that it's a winner!
Lastly, sometimes it's fun to just let everyone on hand jump into a nice messy location and let them have fun. And when you have Summer and Nyssa and Mina on hand, it's an easy call to make! They arrive at the bubbling clay (un)dressed for action and waste no time jumping into the thick and creamy goo. After letting the clay splash on them, they take turns dunking in the mud and then jumping in again. Towards the end, Mina finds a sweet spot and is overwhelmed. What do Summer and Nyssa do? They 'enjoy' the show of course!
This is a nice long scene featuring genuine fun by three great ladies. Have a look!!

Aroused in Mud #20  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #20  DVD-R Download
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