Aroused in Mud #21
Boy, do these gals get slippery in the mud or what?  But not too slippery to have a good time. They know how to work it!
The slippery sex on this title features:
Summer Monroe, Nyssa Nevers, Brittany Shae,
Ashley Lane
 and Anabelle Pync.
Slip into the clay with these beauties. They will enjoy it as much as you will!
Running Time 118 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Nyssa and Summer have become friends, so getting messy together seems like a natural thing to do. And how! In fact, this adventure in the deep clay has brought them even closer together - in several ways! The clay this day was thick below the surface. So, both ladies had their share of fun moving around at first. But they did manage to both climb out multiple times and jump back in. They also had a good time dunking in the creamy pit, coming up completely plastered with goo! And, of course, they managed to get each other off before getting out.
This is a long scene that will please many different fans. Are you one of them?
Then, Brittany just couldn't wait to get in the mud tub. So after a nice long walk to the tub, her anticipation is palpable. And nobody will be disappointed in how much fun she actually has. Caught by three well placed cameras, she submits her body and her desire to the thick, creamy clay. Brittany is a natural for this sort of thing. So, there's nothing to distract from the pleasure of watching a healthy gal enjoy a healthy (and sexy) time in the mud tub. Have a look. We already did all the work for you!
Next, are you ready for a nice, messy dose of Ashley? You should be! Because she never misses a chance for sex - or a good mess. And here, she enjoys both at the same time. Looking stunning in a (very) red dress, she literally slips into the creamy bubbling clay. It would be enough just to hear her squeals of delight throughout this scene. But not to worry. Ashley is well covered with three well placed cameras. And we get to see her wallow in the pleasure of manipulating the dress and her nubile body in the bubbles rising through the ooze. The bubbles themselves have more energy towards the end of the scene. But you would hardly notice that due to Ashley's abundant and sensual energy from start to finish. Is muddy mess sexy? Ashley has the answer .... in abundance!!
Also, Anabelle is back, and better than ever! To kick things off, we put warm, fresh clay in the tub for her. And she made very good use of it. Anabelle is a very sexual lady, and she gets aroused quickly. So, it is fun to watch her orgasm several times during this scene. And she keeps it fresh. So much so that she managed to flip herself in the 'short side' of the tub. This is a scene built around progressive coverage and constant arousal. And check out the smoldering looks she has for the cameras. Anabelle gives a whole new meaning to 'eye contact'. You won’t find yourself looking away. That's for sure!
Then, Nyssa isn't the kind of gal that shies away from new experiences. But even so, she wasn't sure about bubbling clay - until she got in there and found out how interesting it is to have the clay 'splashing' her face and chest. If that sounds suggestive, it is. Always original, Nyssa decided to let us watch her masturbate to the bubbles. So she gets up on the edge of the pit and watched the bubbles, knowing that we are watching her. Then it was back into the bubbling, slippery clay for a couple nice face dunks and some classic mud coverage on a satisfied face.
You'll be satisfied as well, no doubt!
Lastly, MPV is very happy to introduce our audience to Ashley Lane, a beautiful damsel who truly likes to get messy. And giving her introduction a boost is a camera setup that gets very close and very personal. From the opening seconds, Ashley invites us into her private mud bath and messy masturbation session. The quality of this is exquisite, both erotically and technically. You can just about reach out and feel the slippery clay on her body. And honestly, it seems that she would really like that. Get a taste of Ashley with this close encounter in the mud!

Aroused in Mud #21  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #21  DVD-R Download
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