Aroused in Mud #22
Women pleasing themselves in mud just won't get old!!
Nyssa Nevers, Brittany Shae, Star, May, Sadie Holmes and Ashley Lane enjoy arousal in the mud!
A must-own for the collector of awesome mud scenes!
Running Time 146 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, one of the many great things about Nyssa is her willingness to try anything. And without ever having seen it done before, she slipped into the clay pit (which was very thick on this day) and went about blowing her muddy dress up with bubbles. But it was after the dress came off that her real motivation showed. Nyssa likes to get messy - without clothes. Her lust for the thick clay is obvious as her body shakes with arousal, and the shuddering effect of the bubbles popping in the thick clay around her body. There are nice shots of her laying back in the creamy mud. She even lets her head submerge in this position. Very Nice! The coverage in this scene is thick - almost like frosting. Anyone want to give Nyssa a nice big hug?
Then, in her MPV debut, Brittany enjoys a nice, long wallow in bubbling clay that just keeps bubbling continuously (an improvement for this season). And it's a good thing, because Brittany is cute to begin with. But somehow, she seems to get cuter as the clay bubbles start to do their thing on her chest and face. Maybe it's her big brown eyes. But whatever it is, Brittany is really fun to watch get messy. She enjoys it too - and reported afterwards that she had several genuine orgasms in the turbulent mud. Get to know Brittany with this scene. We think she'll be back for more!
(Note - there is some variable background machinery noise somewhat noticeable during most of this scene)
Then, we enjoyed Star's bubble dress scene so much that we took a chance and had her try it again - but with a larger dress. Would she be able to surpass her earlier effort? Well, this is Star, after all. So she did. And the results are very entertaining. But it's not just the huge dress to enjoy. The clay was superbly sloppy and the bubbles even more so. Lucky for us, Star slips out of the dress and slips back into the bubbling mess for some serious solo sex. Nobody does this quite like Star. She rocks the clay as if she was born to do it. And we were born to watch, right?
Next, if you have been waiting for a chance to see May get naughty, this is it. She has reserved a very private mud bath treatment and is ready to add meaning to the word. She steps in settles down in the smooth mud, letting her body warm the ooze surrounding her delicious form. She takes her time, almost teasing her own body, flirting with her hands on her sensitive parts. Eventually though, she does the deed and rubs one out in the mud, breathing in the fresh air, and rubbing the goo into her groin. Satisfied, she she pulls the mud out of her hair before standing up and wiping the loose clay from her body. Then, she lets her nighty back down in place and struts off, very much satisfied with scratching this sexy deed off her list!
Also, the short description here is that Sadie takes her turn in the mud bubbles - which turns out to be a *long* scene. But it's not without serious merit. Sadie treats us to a surprise, slow and sexy vertical sink into the bubbling clay and disappears. The funny thing was; nobody told her to do it! She comes up very satisfied. And if that wasn't enough, she sheds her clothes and slips back in for more fun. But this time, she stays on top and we get to watch the bubbles work their magic on her lanky body. Sadie is a sexual lady and is fixated on enjoying every minute in the clay, for a half hour! But for the rest of us, it might be a good idea to take a break in the middle!
Lastly, it always sounds like so much hyperbole to say that this is the 'Best' of something. But really, this is the best Mud Dress scene so far. It truly is the essence of what we have been going for. So, hats off to Ashley for having the energy and physique and desire for this. With minimal directing, she repeatedly went into the deep, creamy clay and came out ready to make use of the muddy fabric of her dress, thick with heavy, smooth mud. She knows where to put it and what to do - what we want to see. So, watch it!

Aroused in Mud #22  DVD-R


Aroused in Mud #22  DVD-R Download
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