Call of the Mud
Collectors Edition
Women answering the call - and loving the mud when they do!
This varied video showcases six scenes of women who can't resist the call of the mud, wherever that may lead them.
Darby O'Riley, Jessica Marsh, Gummi, Victoria, Kristine and Kym are all on the line!
This is a great DVD - just check out the images. They are all derived from actual video frame captures!
Running Time 126 minutes
Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Darby is a French Maid to be Muddy!  She saunters up to the Studio 588 clay pit in an impeccably detailed French Maid costume. She dips her feet in first, getting her black heels filthy. She then removed them and ever so slowly gets her stockings covered with the slippery clay. Then she slips into the clay pit and delights in the feel of the mud. Before too long, she has submerged herself completely. Then, she starts to remove the outfit one piece at a time, while still in the mud. Near the end of the scene, she climbs out and removes the rest of her gear. What a great start!
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Next, it's Deep Fun with Jessica and Gummi!  Jessica has found a nice secluded beach to answer the call, and she wastes no time sinking into the silty smooth beach. But what she doesn't realize is that Gummi is spying on her from the bushes - and also can't resist the call of the sloppy ooze! So, she joins Jessica for some heated action in the mud.
Is this scene hot? Judge for yourself!
Then, we head for the deep wilderness where Darby is Answering the Call.  I originally titled this segment 'Waking the Dead', because Darby leaves nothing behind in her quest for swampy bliss - and got very loud while doing it! The sun didn't shine much during this, but Darby heated things up just fine without it!
Then, Jessica shows new girl Victoria just what Beached Softly means! They can't find 'the boys', so they decide to explore the shoreline on their own. Little did they realize that the mud had called them. Perhaps they were responding to an inner voice.  :-)  In any case, they sure had fun!
Next, Kristine takes a very sexy turn in the bubbling mud pit.  As you can see, she answers the call looking hot as heck - and proceeds to sink into the pit. Once she makes her way to the bubbling part, she removes her clothing and enjoys the sensation of the bubbles working their way up her body. Whatever you do, please do not imagine that we had to tell Kristine what to do. Because as usual, we were the ones being schooled!
Lastly, Gummi is ready to dish out some Mud Punishment to Kym. But, as it happens, Kym may not be the best choice for this sort of treatment!!  Gummi seems to have things under control - and leaves Kym stuck in the mud after some serious humiliation. 
But when she returns, Kym turns the table on her and makes sure that they both answer The Call of the Mud!
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