Into the Mud!
Where are all the gals going? They're going into the mud!
And that's not all. This video introduces the lovely and talented
Kym.  She is a dynamic and fun beauty with and indomitable spirit and sense of humor. MPV fans are going to love her! She appears here along with 
Mina, Lucy, Paris Kennedy, Lena Ramon, Brittany, Shaun, Ariel, Kristine, Pamela Rose, and Maggie.
This video contains some MPV classics, as well as two new scenes. Check it out!
Running Time 155 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, sisters Mina and Lucy step into a mushy and slippery mud pit and try their hand at mud wrestling. It doesn't take long for the clay to coat them, and for their clothes to come off - revealing sexy bikinis! Mina and Lucy fans will delight in seeing how well this scene has bee restored.
The image quality is sharp and clear and shows a lot of fine female form as they roll around in the creamy clay!
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Next, Kristine takes Pam and Maggie on a hunt for 'deep stuff' to play in. After they sink suddenly in riverbank quicksand (it takes them all by surprise), they wander up the banks of a lazy river and eventually find some exquisite mud to play in. Watch how big girl Maggie finds time to herself in the thick ooze while Pam and Kristine get frisky just a few feet away. This is a fun and spontaneous scene that is very much worth watching!
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Then, Shaun and Ariel literally jump into a deep clay pit for some full coverage mud fun. These two Messy Fun cuties have no problem spending an afternoon plastering themselves and each other with creamy clay. In fact, we had to just about chase them out of the mud at the end of the scene!
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Next, Kristine slowly slithers her way into very thick creek mud wearing a sexy pare of shorts and a sleeveless top. After working her way into the muck up to her chest, she slithers out and treats us to some 'come hither' poses on the surface. This is another scene that was begging to be restored. Personally, we find the effort to be very rewarding.  :)
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Then, we get to new girl Kym. She came to MPV by way of David Brand and his company Wet and Messy. She is no stranger to getting messy.  ;-)
In fact, I have had the pleasure of taking many pictures of her for David Brand. But she has lost her mud virginity with Mud Puddle Visuals - and we're very happy about that!  Here, she plays a wild child out for a 'trip' in the desert. What seems at first to be a very squishy hallucination, ends up being a very messy trip indeed! Watch how her bib overalls get completely filthy. She then struggles mightily to remove them and proceeds to plow her face into the mud over and over again. She eventually shimmies her way into the water and slides from view - but not from our minds!

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Lastly, Brittany shows Lena and Paris a thing or two about getting muddy! She brings them to a secluded mud pit in the woods and then has everyone coat themselves with baby oil. Then she leads them into the deceptively deep mud. After everyone sinks up to their necks, Brittany encourages Lena and Paris to climb out, while she proceeds to go under!. Her friends pull her back up, and the scene ends with all three of them covered with mud and walking back into the woods. This is an unusual scene (written and directed by Duncan Edwards -of course) that is a true visual treat for the viewer. Don't miss out.  Get Into the Mud!!
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