Into the Mud - Again!
Where do these gals still want to be?   In your DVD player!
Here's where take the rest of the classic MPV 'fun' scenes and offer them up several new items that go well with these time tested classics.  This is a DVD value that just can't be passed up.  Get your fill of lovelies:
Janice, Monique, Amy Johnson, Lena Ramon, Brittany, Paris Kennedy, Violet, Brandi, Kristine, Pam and Maggie.
Remember, this video contains MPV classics, as well as three new scenes. Check it out!
Running Time 146 minutes    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, if action is what you want, check out that first frame capture! Janice leaps into the mud to join Monique for some spirited mud wrestling. This scene, more than any other on this DVD, benefited from up-to-date editing software.
Folks that have seen this on VHS will marvel at the detail - which is great considering the subject matter!!
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Next, Amy Johnson plays a camera girl out to shoot Lena in the mud. But Lena isn't sure she wants to play along with this particular assignment.
You can imagine what all of this leads to! This is a unique scene that features POV footage taken from Amy's camera. She eventually sets her camera on the ground in order to properly attack Lena, but there are some very cool moments in there!
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Then, we have the second of two scenes shot on the banks of the Mary River back in 2001. In this footage, Pam and Maggie molest each other before Kristine makes a comely appearance. There's something about white panties and mud that is disturbingly appealing. Or is it just Kristine?  :-o
This is a nice scene that ends with the three of them posing for the still camera. Viva Maggie, Pam and Kristine!!
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Next, we have a brief scene that amounted to Violet's mud initiation. After a fruitless three hour boat ride, we pulled into a cove to check the mud there. It didn't amount to anything, but it was a good chance to stretch out legs - and shoot Violet in that cute pink bikini of hers.  :-)
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Then, we get some more vintage action, this time from 2000. In this visual treat, Janice and Brandi jump into a deep clay pit and proceed to enjoy each other's company in the creamy goop. They get there clothes completely messy before removing their stockings and giving each other muddy backrubs. They finish by painting each others faces with the light colored clay. This is another scene that has a 'restored' feel to it.

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Lastly, we have a cool scene we call Runway Mud. Brittany, Paris and then Lena appear in sexy evening wear and proceed to pose for the camera.
But some rather racy posing elicits cat calls from the audience. So they decide to show the audience just how dirty they can be! One by one, they jump into the clay pit, and one by one, they go all the way under. Three hot babes in cool creamy clay - again. What could be better?
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