Lust for Mud!
This is all about women lusting for mud!
Paris Kennedy, Jessica Marsh, Lena Ramon, Chloe Sinclair, Brittany, Tatijana, Jenna West, and Amy Johnson
take to mud fun with total abandon. Don't miss it!
Running Time 153 minutes    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Paris and Jessica literally Jump Into Fun as they leap from a boat into deep, mushy silt. After enjoying how that feels, they add girl on girl pleasure to the mix. Yummy!
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Next, Lena and newcomer Chloe Sinclair explore the depths of a slurry pit and their own desire as they find multiple places to sink in the slippery ooze. Their desire goes up each time their bodies go down.  :)  We call it Slippin' Into Slurry.
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Then, Tatijana experiences a Dominance Turnabout when she tries to humiliate Brittany in gooey muck. She forces Brittany into the mud and instructs her to get nice and muddy. But Brittany enjoys the mud! Tatijana becomes more and more angry at Brittany and ends up getting directly involved in her 'muddiness'. See what happens when Brittany ends up controlling Tatijana with the wonderful feeling of the cool and thick mud!
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Then, Jenna West treats us to Raingear and Mud. She slowly gets her clear rain suit muddy before slipping into the deep pit. She then gets mud on the inside and really enjoys that unique sensation. After a while, she climbs out and shows off the sexy results!
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Lastly, Lena and Amy Johnson slither through warm water towards silky bliss! They are so eager to experience Mud Humping that they start before even getting out of the water! There are plenty of great butt shots as these two vixens tear it up in the afternoon sun.
A great finish to a wonderful mud DVD!!
Lust for Mud!  DVD-R $35 

Lust for Mud!  DVD-R Download
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