Mud Feels Good!
This fun filled video shows just how good mud feels - and just how good that looks!! 
Six scenes of
fun and sexiness that are a pleasure to view. 
Running Time 120 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
This video was shot entirely in the great outdoors...
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First, we introduce Taitijana as she shares a sensuous deep mud experience with Brittany. The scene unfolds as they first sink into buttery mud up to their hips, and then share in the wonderful sensation of the enveloping ooze. Eventually they give each other a 'helping hand' and then climb out of the mud completely satisfied.
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Next, an intimate scene that features Sherilyn Gold wallowing in creamy clay and submitting fully to its charms.  
 Sherilyn really knows how to please herself - and look great while she's doing it!
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Then there a brief but powerful scene showing Kristine sinking into Mississippi Riverbank ooze - and loving it! 
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Next, Janice Woods treats us to a visual feast as she slinks into some deliciously thick clay and humps her way to pleasure. Janice looks great. Try to not jump your TV.  :)
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Then, Kristine coaxes Pamela into some sinky ooze and then joins her for some mucky companionship. These gals know how to have a good time and they show us how it's done.  Great action at a wonderful location - and captured on tape! 
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Lastly, the vivaciousTatijana dons a plastic rain suit and stomps out a play area in slippery muck. She covers the outside of the suit and then proceeds to fill the inside. After a while, she crawls into the water a cleans off the outside - leaving her wearing a mud suit!  She then totally gets off on having the mud trapped against her body. She deliciously moves the mud around and mashes it into the places that feel the best. Absolutely a scene worth the price of the disc. Don't miss this!  
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