Mud Feels Good! Volume 2
Another cool video shows just how good mud feels - and just how good that looks!! 
Seven additional of
fun and sexiness that are a pleasure to view. 
Running Time 2 hours 35 minutes    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
This video was shot entirely outdoors...
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First, Lena Ramon treats us to her first dip in mud.  It was our first shoot with her, so we were getting acquainted with Lena while she was getting to know us - and the very soft beach. The mud seemed eager to get acquainted to Lena as well!
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Next, Janice Woods slips out of a summer dress and slides into a bathtub filled with clay. She settles in a warms up the ultra smooth mud in her own special way. Save room for us!
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Then sexy Jenna crawls up onto one of the most delightful shorelines we have ever encountered. This stuff melted like butter and turned into a sexy mush around her firm body. It doesn't take Jenna long to seize the moment and open up to her new companion. Talk about it all coming together...  Shouldn't all beaches come equipped like this?  
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Next, Kristine settles into some wonderfully thick creek mud and rocks her way to sensual bliss. Yumm.
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Then, Skylar gets friendly with a pit of bubbling clay. She strips naked, and then settles in to play with the bubbling mud. The bubbles are small and teasing at first, but then they get big and bursty and Skylar explodes right along with them.
Again and again and again! 
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Pamela Rose makes an appearance by striding into deep and silky coal slurry. She loses her dress along the way and then submits to the sensation as only sultry Pamela can. This is one special lady. Watch this scene and you'll know why! 
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Lastly, Lena returns and throws down a wallow like we've never seen! First, she started teasing and flirting with the camera. Then, she slinked into the mud nearly face first. What follows is a wonderfully slow build to a thundering exclamation as she submits fully to the pit. This scene was shot in one take because she took our breath away from the start. It was so powerful that one camera remained on the side and was never turned on! You will not even notice when she forgets about us and begins to give herself to the mud. Her coverage moments were unprompted and completely spontaneous. 
In fact, I've seen private videos of mud fans that were not as intimate as this....   
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