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Mud in Motion
This action-packed video features women getting physical in the mud.  They are exploring, chasing, training, balancing and wrestling. 
Five scenes of
fun and adventure that are a pleasure to view. 
$20, this is a huge value. Don't pass it up!!
Running Time 116 minutes    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
Tired of backyard mud pits?
This video was shot entirely in the wild...
Trailer now available!!
(see below)
First, Jen and Jenna explore a very large area of mud and muck. After locating several soft spots, they settle in for a good wallow. Explore along with them as the camera documents their muddy discoveries.  :)
Click here for some frame captures from the
this scene.
Next, Jenna chases down Janice - and manages to catch her just as they bog down in slippery ooze. In no time at all, their clothes are trashed and discarded. The mud soothes over their differences and they delight in the cool and smooth play spot.
mbo exploring, but when Janice gets frustrated with slow progress, she switches the lesson to very physical mud wrestling. 
Who'll come out on top? Check out the video and find out!
Next, Pamela Rose, Kristine and Jenna play out a rescue scene involving a balance beam situated above a deep mud pit. After acting out the drama, they just can't help plunging (literally) straight back in for some fun and muddy clowning. Yet another scene that adds to the diversity of this motion packed video.
Lastly, Janice and Sasha battle the elements and each other in a very physical mud wrestling bout in thick squelching muck. Janice is surprised at how strong Sasha's legs are and soon realizes that she underestimated her opponent. To the victor goes the backrub as this video finally slows to a finish! 
View a trailer for this video!
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MIM Trailer real media version

Mud in Motion   DVD  $20 

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