More Lust for Mud
Collectors Edition
Prepare for the Mudness!!
And get ready for the first mud DVD from Mud Puddle Visuals shot entirely in high-definition!
This line-up is definitely worthy of the resolution...
Darby O'Riley, Kymberly Tran and Lena Ramon know how to please themselves (and each other) in mud.
And we're sure that you'll be pleased as well.  Check it out!
Running Time 116 minutes
Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
Trailer now available!!
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First, Darby saunters up to a nice clay pit in a pretty dress and white heels. After slipping into the mud and getting nicely covered, she crawls out
and removes her heels. Then, it's back into the pit for more lust fun. She eventually crawls out again and loses her dress and panties.
Finally, Darby is back into the mud for that 'all over' feel. Total coverage? Oh yea.....
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Next, Kym performs a Muddy Rip-Off in thick, creamy lake mud. In a sequence reminiscent of the famous White Bra and Panty scene, Kym starts off by struggling through thigh deep ooze until she finds a nice spot to wallow. Once there, she gets her lingerie muddy before ripping it off of her nubile body.
Then, it's complete mudness as she works the mud into every nook and cranny on her way to muddy bliss. Total coverage again?  Oh yea....
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Then, Lena and Darby swim their way to a naught rendezvous in "We're Bad!" There's no doubt that these two are close friends, because they don't hesitate to please each other when the occasion presents itself. Get a hold of this DVD and see for yourself!
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Next, Kym treats us to Covered Cover-alls. She slides into the Studio 588 clay pit with gusto, and then proceeds to luxuriate in the smooth feel of the clay. Eventually, she removes all of her clothing and lets her lust for mud take over. But that's not all! She puts just the cover-alls back on and goes completely nuts as the pit starts to bubble in the middle. Want to see Kym go berserk? Here's your chance!  And total coverage? Please....
Then, we get to see Darby in her first solo mud lust adventure. She sinks delightfully in thick silty mud directly in front of the camera. Just look at these frame captures! This is a very natural scene shot in a very scenic spot.  And what about that last shot?  Oh well......

Lastly, Lena finishes off here 'Wow!' series (this is number four) in grand style.
We decided to crank up the bubbles for her the way we did for Skylar way back in 2000. It was a very good call. We never know what Lena will do with whatever outline we give her. So it's a good thing that we didn't interrupt this gem of a scene. Does it look insane? It was. Total coverage? Over and over.
Could there ever be Even More Lust for Mud? It's hard for us to imagine that.....  You might as well get this DVD and see if you can!
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