Mud Lovin' Women #2
Collectors Edition
Even more women loving mud - and each others company! This sexy offering spans both time and distance while delivering the high level of quality our customers have grown accustomed to.
Lena, Jenna West, Jen Pedova, Sarai and Tatijana all delight in their sultry and scenic encounters with smoothing mud. As you can see, two o these scenes were shot in deep woods twilight. Pay attention, and you can hear the night critters coming alive along with the slippery desires of these muddy maidens!
Running Time 123 minutes
Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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All images are captured from the actual video footage.
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First, Lena 'wows' us once again in Lena - Wow! #3. This time she dons a tight fitting pink latex gown with very cool black latex gloves and boots. She slithers into the clay and proceeds to relish the sexy feel of the slippery clay on the super smooth latex. After she gets completely muddy, she enjoys the moment with some vigorous rubbing. She gets completely covered while all concerned get completely satisfied!
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Next, Jen and Jenna find a private place to finger paint each other with creamy mud. But before long we see that they really are Best of Friends as the big sky, fresh air and cool mud all start to work their magic. Painting gives way to rubbing and eventually grinding in this visually exotic scene. Viewers will enjoy the two-camera editing on this one, because Jen and Jenna both have delightful bodies that are a pleasure to look at.

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Then, Sarai lets us watch as she enjoys a twilight mud bath wearing a pretty bikini. The bikini eventually comes off, but not before she climaxes in the thick embrace of the pit. But not to worry, she goes for a quick second after she sheds the bathing suit!  Nice stuff.
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Then, Tatijana fills the picture with her own style of energy as a Biker Gal in mud. She doesn't find much mud at first, but she is determined to get filthy, so she stomps around for a bit and makes a nice gushy spot to play in. Tatijana fans know that this gal just can't stop moving! So it's just as well that two cameras were used to capture this outdoor display of fine female form and sexual energy. This scene is hot!
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Lastly, Lena and Regina have a really, really good time in a scene we call Muddy Lip Lock. This just started off with the girls being told to go in the mud and enjoy each other. But Lena (who really seems to like Regina) decided to give a Regina a thrill and really 'went for it'. Regina, in turn, tapped into prior experience (which we found out about later) and started returning the favor. If we told you this was the real deal, you wouldn't necessarily believe us. But watch this for yourself, and you'll be as stunned as we were when we were shooting it.
These are two Mud Lovin' Women!!
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