Mud Mud! Mud!!  
It's what we do, and so here is another offering of lovely ladies enjoying themselves in mud! 
Amy, Kristine, Brandi, Janice and Sasha all take turns delighting us with their beauty and their sense
 of fun and adventure. This video is a passport to one on one mud indulgence!
Running Time 2 hours, 22 minutes   Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
This video was shot entirely outdoors!  
Trailer now available!!
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Why did we call this Mud Mud! Mud!! ?  Well, after seeing Amy Johnson work herself into a frenzy in squelching ooze, and hearing her calling her new lovers name, you won't be left wondering.  :)
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Kristine knows a thing or two about deep and thick mud, so it's no surprise that she knows what to do after she steps off a sturdy board and into deep creek ooze. She rocks herself (and her audience) into deep mud happiness. This is special - don't miss out!
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Next, the beautiful Brandi slips into buttery clay wearing a hot bikini. After settling in, she discards the bathing suit in favor of an all-over feel. What is it like to have waves of mud lapping at you? Or bouncing up and down on the surface of it? Brandi knows....  
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Next, Janice Woods dons a pair of latex shorts and stirs up some creamy sediment with her bodacious body. She eventually becomes one big sexy smear of mud and womanly curves. A true mud goddess is captured on video!
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Then, Sasha explores an absolutely mucky lake shore and submits its filthy appeal. We call this segment 'Loose Strings' because her bikini will just not stay in place once the slippery mud starts oozing here and there on her ample charms. Fun stuff!! 
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Lastly, we include a bonus segment of sorts. Kristine treated a MPV crew to what I consider the most remarkable 'girl in deep mud' scene ever captured. Kristine walks out into a large slurry pond, sinks up to her hips, is unhappy with her choice and moves to a softer spot. Then, she (honestly) forgets about the camera and crew as she becomes spellbound by the depth and feel of the dark ooze. If you are a mud eroticism fan, this is one scene you will go back to again and again.  Enjoy!! 
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