Major Mud Play #1  
Running Time 2 hours   Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download  
Tired of backyard mud pits?
Hey - back yards are for barbeques...
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First, Janice and Jenna explore a large muddy area. After struggling through some deep and sticky ooze, they proceed to romp topless in the slime. Fun stuff!  
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Next, the beautiful and very sexy Violet becomes the 'Beach Bog Babe'. Dressed in cutoffs and a sleaveless top, she explores a muddy beach. After selecting an especially soft spot, she sinks into the muck and pleases herself for our pleasure. 
This scene alone is worth the price!
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Next up is Kristine and Pamela Rose slippin' and slidin' in slick coal slurry. The get completely plastered by the black sludge as they first slide and then wrestle in the sun-warmed muck.  Kristine gets completely physical and Pamela shows us just how sexy and sporty an adventurous gal can be!  
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Lastly, Jenna and Jen strip naked and casually walk hand in hand into bottomless mud! After oozing their way in up to their chests, they take turn giving each other muddy back rubs. All is calm and serene until Jen decides to give Jenna an 'instant' facial. Jenna returns the favor and some sexy mud play ensues. Yet another great scene!  
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