Major Mud Play #2  
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More Mucky Fun in the Great Outdoors  
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First, Janice and Jenna are featured getting completely muddy following the 'Going for Pot' scene from QSN#1.  After that scene is recalled briefly, they strip and proceed posing for the still camera in a classic mud glamour mode. 
Plenty of in-your-face mud action!

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Next, Jenna takes a casual stroll along the soggy banks of the Mississippi river. This is an intimate scene with Jenna damp and dirty from a previous effort and very approachable in a tee shirt and thong. Foot fans will love this segment because of the many many shots of her feet slipping in and out of the muck.  

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Then, the vivacious and spunky Jen treats us to a hot solo session in creamy mud. This is a daring scene since she actually achieves several orgasms while rubbing herself through and under her mucky clothes!  

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Next, Janice and Violet treat us to a visual meal by exploring an exotic large muddy area.  Watch how they struggle into the sticky and ooze and promptly sink past their waists. They then crawl out, strip out of their bikinis, and exchange back-rubs. Two fine babes enjoying mud in a surreal location.  Not to be missed!  

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Lastly, Janice and Jenna discover the combination of rubber clothing and thick mud. After finding a secluded spot, they get powdered up and slip into black latex dresses. They then ooze into thick creek mud and get extra slippery. Some intense wrestling ensues capped of by a couple of serious facials. This is an epic scene that alone is worth the price of the tape!!  
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