Mud Trippers
What did you do on your summer vacation? - Well, these ladies did mud!
This wonderfully varied DVD contains scenes of hot women doing mud, themselves, and each other...
Kym, Gummi, Natalie Minx, Darby O'Riley, Jessica Marsh, Catherine De Sade, Stormy Rose and Kristine are all mud tripping!
This is an awesome DVD - just check out the images. They are all derived from actual video frame captures!
Running Time 135 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Kym and Gummi spot something while beachcombing and end up in a Golf Ball Tussle! But, the golf ball is forgotten almost immediately as their muddy romp turn sexual as well as playful. Pretty soon, handfuls of mud are being crammed into private places and in each others hair!
Clothes then come off, and the two er, ladies, do creative things to each other. What a trip!
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Next, we introduce Natalie Minx to the MPV stable of oozing beauties! She lights up the wilderness with stunning looks and an attractive sense of adventure.
We're really happy that she joined us. She's totally professional and had a great time!
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Then, we offer a rather elaborate experiment with smoke technology. The elements didn't necessarily cooperate, but Darby performed admirably. It was all worth it in the end though, because there's a moment where she rises up into a blast of ground hugging smoke and looks like someone who's mud vacation took her to another planet. Very Cool!
It's called
Smokin' Hot Darby.
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Then, Jessica shows just why she's one of our most popular models. She struggles ashore from a boat, and then treats us to a vacation of the mind as she slowly gets muddy - as well as naked in the slippery and thick ooze! It was hard to do frame captures of this scene, because just about every few seconds Jessica treats the camera to one cool and sexy look after another. See if you can make it through without stopping!
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Then, it's time for another awesome new face as Catherine De Sade does her interpretation of our long standing 'Sinking About You' series.
She gets right into it by cooing at the camera about every move she's going to make. Catherine's the kind of gal that like to be thrilled.
And believe me, submerging in bottomless ooze definitely did the trick!  Make this scene your mud destination, and you'll see for yourself!
Next, we have yet another new gal and another Sinking About You! This time it's Stormy Rose sinking into very deep yellow clay. As you're watching this, you'll realize that Stormy is just the kind of gal you'd want to take mudding with you. A dirty girl in the mud. You gotta love it!
Lastly, Kym and Kristine have fun with The Silver Bullet. Well, it's not actually a bullet, but it does find its mark!
We were hoping that getting these two iconic MPV models together would produce some memorable moments, and we ended up filming a true classic - straight from the fertile mind of Duncan Edwards no less! As you can see from these images, this is a nice long scene that really stretches what you can see from ladies that are mud tripping!
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