Mud Trippers Ten!
Ok, we're up to number ten here. But that doesn't mean Mud Trippers has gone stale.
Not by a long shot!
Gummi, Rockell Starbux, Sativa, Stormy Rose, Star, and Candle Boxxx will prove that this series just gets better with age.
Check out the scenes in this terrific DVD!
Running Time 77 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, POV and Mud lovers are in for a treat when Gummi gets very close to the camera and lets loose with some scrumptious masturbation in the clay. There are great visual segments including over-the-shoulder, between her legs and from behind. This is a very sexy scene with a very intimate feel.
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Next,  Rockell just can't resist oozing into a pit of thick goopy clay! Once she's in there, she makes the most of it by getting completely covered and enjoying the sensations.
Like everything Rockell does, it's pretty much spectacular!
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Then, Sativa looks absolutely edible in a short black skirt and sexy top as she comes across an irresistible mud pit in the woods. This scene features a single sink in thick clay - but what a slow and sensuous sink it is! Sativa's hard body and dark skin both contrast wonderfully with the bright, soft clay. Truly yummy!
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Then, Stormy looks bodacious in a strapless dress as she sinks for the pleasure of the viewer. This brief scene features a nice 'vertical' submersion.
A must have for Stormy scene collectors.
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Then, Star and Candle are into playing footsie, playing in mud, and playing with each other. So when they get to do all three at the same time, it's a good time to get a close look - and this scene accomplishes that nicely. It's called Feet First. The action starts on a comforter at the edge of a clay pit. It stays there momentarily, and then slowly makes it's way into the pit. After that, it's a frenzy of feet and mouths and other body parts. Star and Candle also take turns dunking each other in the smooth clay. This is a keeper. Don't wait. Snatch it now!

Mud Trippers Ten!  DVD-R


Mud Trippers Ten!  DVD-R Download
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