Mud Trippers Eleven!
Ready to spend an hour and a half in muddy bliss?
This DVD is your ticket for that kind of ride.  It offers an exceptional variety of hot women and steamy mud action!
Stormy Rose, Kymberly Jane, Gummi, Jessica Marsh, Victoria, Natalia Chaplin, Star and Sativa are here to spend time with you.
Check them out in this awesome DVD!
Running Time 95 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Stormy loses her clothes and whatever inhibitions she may have as she makes her way through thick clay to the camera, where she puts on quite a show.
She's so close, you'd think she'll get you muddy as well. But don't worry. It's a good feeling!
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Next,  In beautiful golden sunlight, Kym, Gummi, Jessica and Victoria have a good time in sloppy quicksilt. They get muddy, starting with their feet. They then take turns at 'mud slides' and also have fun pushing each other into the goo. Delicious! This is truly a feast for the eyes - and the brain - and the....!
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Then, Natalia spots an inviting pit of clay in the woods and can't resist putting her bare feet in it. And then her legs. And then pretty much everything else. In fact, the creamy clay causes her to have a powerful orgasm from just the feel of it pressing and rubbing on her bra and panty clad body. Yum!
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Then, Star spots a peat bog while walking through and meadow and the dilemma begins immediately. First, she submits her feet, and then decides that sinking to her knees is ok. But that just pushes her further into her issues and before too long, she sinks all the way under the surface! If not for a handy rope, she may have been sinking for the last time....
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Then, Sativa has all of her charms in order as she sinks repeatedly in very deep clay. Each time she goes in, it's a bit deeper, and with fewer clothes on. The scene culminates with her 'taking the plunge' fully naked, whereupon she sinks from site. Very sexy!  This DVD contains bonus footage of her emerging from the clay, completely covered...

Mud Trippers Eleven!  DVD-R


Mud Trippers Eleven!  DVD-R Download
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