Mud Trippers #2
Collectors Edition
Ready to cover thousands of muddy miles?
This second mud vacation DVD contains scenes of sexy women doing mud as a destination - but not the family variety!
Kym, Victoria, Catherine De Sade, Camilla Rose, Lily Cameron, Sativa Verde, and Darby O'Riley are all far from home....
This is another awesome DVD. It will take you places. Just make sure you lock the door!
Running Time 131 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Victoria is caught off guard by a really picturesque - and really soft beach. But fear not, because here comes Kym to giver a lesson in proper mud beach etiquette.
Basically, that means have oozy sex with whoever you happen to be with!!  This scene is called
Deep Fun. It's a worthy trip for these trippers!
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Next, Catherine De Sade takes her robust form to the edge of a bottomless pit of ooze and pretty much makes herself into sexy female fondue! There's something special about this mud. It's clearly thin on top, but gets thicker down below. But all of it coats Catherine like crazy, and looks absolutely delicious. Next stop - Hershey, Pennsylvania!
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Then, Camilla Rose takes a tour for one to a lovely beach made just for lovers of mud lust - and she knows what to do when she arrives!
I call this segment
Thick Mud Eroticism. It doesn't leave much to the imagination, much like Camilla.
This scene is somewhat backlit, but that just serves to display Camilla's fine form in nice relief. Sink in!
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Then, Catherine De Sade shows Lily Cameron that she really is a Dirty Little Girl! She drags her through the marsh by her hair, and then slowly gets her messy in the brown goo.
This is a well played segment that features two ladies who really know how to bring it. There's nothing like putting a little feeling into your vacation (or maybe a lot!).
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Then, it's time for another dose of Victoria. She certainly seems to have learned from Kym, and knows just what to do when her bare feet slide into the silty shoreline!
Before long, the clothes come off and she makes a nice mud hole to wallow in. As you can see from the pictures, there's a fair amount of foot play in this segment.
This satisfying scene also finishes with some really nice total coverage. It's Victoria - and destination ooze!
Next, we have yet another new gal and another Sinking About You! This time it's Sativa Verde sinking into very deep yellow clay. Sativa has an athletic body that is a perfect match for this wild and unpredictable location. And just wait until she zaps you with her sultry southern voice! Keep trippin' Sativa. We'll keep watching!
Lastly, Kym and Darby have a grand time in the Studio 588 clay pit. Just why does Darby say "This Mud is Amazing!"? Well, maybe Kym has something to do with that.
Because after Darby treats Kym to a nice hand job, Kym returns the favor. Back in the day, this scene alone would have gone for the price of this DVD.
But in the current state of Mud Travels, it's just the last stop on an excellent tour of ooze. Don't miss it!
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