Mud Trippers Three
It's time for yet another Muddy Road Trip!
This third mud trippin' DVD contains six more luscious offerings of wanton female mud lust!
Darby O'Riley, Cali Logan, Natalie Minx, Kymberly Jane, Lily Cameron, Jessica Marsh, and Kristine Lynn are having the
mud arousal adventures of your dreams. It's all packaged up and ready to arrive at your door....
Running Time 100 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Darby O'Riley does her interpretation of the Bubbling Mud Pit. And how! She slinks into the scene wearing a very tight and shiny dress. After teasing the camera for a while on the edge of the pit (with legs like that, why not?) and them slides into the creamy clay for a close encounter with all of those thick bubbles.
Eventually, she's right on top of the sweet spot and enjoying the sensations. Near the end of the scene, she goes under. And not in a small way, either.
She pretty much goes straight down and disappears quickly. This looked so cool that I included all four angles in this edit.
As always, thanks go to Fred for providing the mud - and all those sexy bubbles!
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Next, Cali Logan and Natalie Minx team up for a sexy wallow in a Canadian marsh! It's not real deep, but they have a good time - and look utterly fantastic in the bright sunshine and scenic beauty of the British Columbia wilderness. Thanks go out once again to Boggyman for his support!
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Then, it's Kymberly Jane rubbin' her way to ecstasy at a quicksilt beach in the desert! The images above paint a pretty good picture of what this scene is all about.
And, as Kym fans know, she brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to scenes like this. And why not? She had a great time. And we get to share that, thanks to some nice camera work - and excellent still images by Duncan Edwards.  It just doesn't get any better!
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Then, Lily Cameron treats us to a Sinking About You segment. We usually reserve these for Quicksand Visuals, but she has such a sweet personality - and looks so darn cute in this excellent bog that I thought it would go well here. Just watch this scene, and see if you can tell where her dialogue changes from a performance to an experience.
Hint - it's pretty much when the last of her clothes come off!
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Then, Jessica Marsh treats us to her Talkin' and Rubbin' in the Mud. And, it's pretty much what she does, as she slogs her way ashore wearing blue jeans and a spaghetti strap top. As soon and that thick mud starts covering her body, the clothes come off and the rubbin' starts! I'm very pleased to once again be offering mud masturbation scenes - especially when they are as pleasurable as this. Thank you Jessica!!
Lastly, Kym says "Fuck Me Now!" to Kristine - and Kristine obliges. But what does it mean to be fucked in deep clay? Truth is, it could mean a couple things.
But in this case, it means being molested out of the mud, and then in the mud, and then getting shoved under!
Both ladies look and act smoking hot in this dreamy sequence spawned in the mucky mind of Duncan Edwards.
So, take a trip from reality. This third Mud Trippers DVD is a worthy adventure!!

Mud Trippers Three  DVD-R


Mud Trippers Three  DVD-R Download
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