Mud Trippers #4
Collectors Edition
These Muddy Ladies are nowhere near home yet!
This fourth Mud Trippin' DVD contains six more delicious scenes of feminine mud wanderlust!
Sativa, Camilla Rose, Darby O'Riley,
Kymberly Jane, Gummi, Paris Kennedy, and Star are having the
vacation that home-bound mud lovers can enjoy peeking in on time and time again!
Running Time 110 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Sativa enjoys what we call Deep Mud Eroticism. And while that pretty much speaks for itself, it doesn't take long to realize that Sativa is putting her personal stamp on it.
She knows that slower is better when she's getting muddy and takes a deliciously long time introducing her firm body to the creamy clay. Yummy!
After she has that all-over feel going, she submerges and comes up a true clay goddess. And, if that wasn't enough, she crawls out and rubs herself while on all fours. Way hot!!
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Next, Camilla Rose comes up out of the lake and crawls up on shore for some Rubbin and Talkin in the Mud. This was shot on a very hot day in the desert, and honestly, that mud wasn't nearly
cool enough to lower Camilla's temperature. She's one of those gals that knows how to please a viewer - whether in person or through a camera. Lucky for us, she applies that knowledge and skill
very well in the thick ooze of the lake shore. And while she's doing that, she has plenty to say about what is happening....
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Then, it's Darby O'Riley enjoying an intimate solo session in a deep woods clay pit. Darby has her own style when it comes to mudding, and she has applied it consistently for MPV in
three different states and two countries! I think we should keep getting her muddy for a while longer. It seems to be a pleasure for everyone involved!
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Then, Kymberly Jane becomes Smokin Hot Kym when she tears up the Studio 588 clay pit with mud hugging smoke pouring through the scene. She's all dolled up for the occasion but somehow
can't resist plunging her sexy body straight into the pit. After that, she just does her thing, going completely under, climbing out, going back in, over and over. She completely mugs one of the
 cameras at one point and then falls back into the pit. There's truly only one Kym. And this is one of a handful of scenes that proves it without a doubt!
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Then, Gummi takes a turn Rubbin' in the Mud. And if you ever thought all mud masturbation scenes were alike, they're not. And that's because we have managed to capture the likes
of Gummi doing it for us!  Gummi starts out a bit hesitantly (I think she has always been a bit nervous about 'new' mud) but before long it's hard to tell who owns who as she bucks her
hips into the quicksilt, trying to satisfy the lust that the oozing beach has instilled in her.  This was one of those 'keep your mouth shut' scenes as a director. And as usual, Gummi found a way
to make this hot in her own unmistakable style. Delicious!
Lastly, Paris enjoys a Mud Pick-up when she meets Star over drinks. With her bodacious hotness, it didn't take long for Paris to convince her new friend to join her in the woods for some mud fun.
This was all new to Star though, and it took her a while to get in the clay with Paris (she had to take her clothes off - bummer!). But once she was in there, she got used to the feel of it, and the feel of Paris, and the feel of herself completely plastered with creamy ball clay!
The mud vacation continues.......
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